Yes. You heard it here first. Straight from the horses mouth. I did not stutter. I did not hesitate. I did not flinch. I am quitting A Day in Motherhood!!

A Day in Motherhood

And if you believe that, on April Fool’s Day, then you have not read a single post on my blog in the last four years!

YES – believe it or not, yesterday marked 4 fantastic years of I have to say, it has been the most amazing 4 years of my life. I thought – now that I have your attention (don’t I?) – that I would share some of the ups and down that this blog has seen me through, both in my personal and professional life in the last four years.

As many of you know – because you are alllll faithful readers who started with my very first post and have never missed a day since (April Fool’s on me?!) – this blog did not start out as the sole supporting income and therapy for me and my girls that it is now. It started as a way for an unhappily married mom of three daughter, ages 3 and under, with a husband that was either working, having affairs or drinking (yea, I never shared any of that back then… shame, denial and all), to vent her frustrations, share her stories and express herself to the few who wanted to know.

Lor and Kids

This did not become a revenue stream until I realized that my ex-husband and I were not going to work.  I accepted it and threw myself into learning everything I could about monetization and authentication of my online personality. I wanted to divorce him knowing that I would not have to leave my stay at home position for my kids but could still find the income to support them in the way they were accustomed.

It took me a few years but the day I kicked him out, the sunshine filtered back into my heart!

Blogging, writing, running an online magazine… whatever you want to call it… is really REALLY hard work. Things change on an almost daily basis. Things we think are important – like growing our Facebook Likes – are turned on their ear when Facebook decides only 100 of my almost 40,000 fans needs to see my posts. Images used to pale in popularity to the honest written word. Now images are king and we are all trying to put our energy into having a Pinterest presence. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… all of these social media outlets now run our days and we struggle to keep up with it all. But this job that takes 60 hours of my week, at least –  often in the very wee hours of the morning when only nursing mothers and nocturnal animals are online – is as rewarding as any I have had.

Not for the amazing opportunities… not for the ability to work from home and still be here for my kids. But for the AMAZING people and connections and lessons that I have learned along the way. I am so HONORED to be recognized for my writing and contribute to sites like and I am HONORED to be a part of Collective Bias and have earned their trust enough to be a Campaign Lead.

I am HUMBLED any time someone wants to work with me on any level. I know I am blessed and I try to give back as a thank you any time I can.

Four years ago I was a depressed married mom wondering how to save a marriage to a philandering, dishonest, selfish person. NOW, I am a very happily single mom of three daughters, ages 7 and under. I have made it almost two years with only one really scary – oh my gosh, I might have to sell my everything to make the bills – month. And I was left with $0.85 cents and a mortgage due.

Despite any of this, however, there is nothing in this world more important than my motherhood. These three little girls are my light, my love, my heart and my smile. There is nothing in this world I would not do for them and fight to protect them from. They are my lifetime loves and I am so blessed to call them mine!

My A Day in Motherhood is more like a lifetime in motherhood. A day does not encompass it all. I can’t wait to see what the next 4 years brings. I pray to God above that my girls stay safe and happy, that I am able to stay with what I love on this site and with other business ventures and that I continue to make amazing connections and friends that I will cherish my entire life.

Thank you for all YOU have done to help support me by clicking links, reading stories, leaving the comments I so absolutely love to read and holding my virtual hand through the darkness of my personal life to the light it is today! I hope I can continue to provide some sort of gratitude to you!

Read ALL of my Motherhood Posts since Day 1 and get to know me and motherhood!

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