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Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out with these products

For a little while now, I have talked with you about my health and where it is. For those who don’t follow me on Facebook, I finally went to the doctor after years of self-neglect and got some blood test results that were pretty scary. All is well now, luckily they were just a scare and a great wake-up call, but it set me on a track of really putting myself first. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I have three beautiful and amazing reminders as to why taking care of me is so important! I need to make better food choices and to be more on top of what my body is telling me. This is why I was SO SO excited to receive the Women’s Health Babbleboxx featuring products that can help me on my journey to ultimate health! With great food choices like Healthy Choice Power Bowls, a Mio SLICE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker, Arm & Hammer Toothpaste and even a DNA Kit from 23andMe, I can take care of me with more information than I have ever had before! Check out each awesome item below for taking care of you!

Healthy Choice Power Bowls helps in taking care of you

As someone who is really trying to make better food choices, I have always heard that fresh is best. As a real mom who is balancing three kids, four dogs, two business and… um… life, I rely on frozen melas when the time crunch is real. If you make the right choices, frozen can be just as good as fresh! This is why, when I do open the freezer for a quick meal, I reach for Healthy Choice Power Bowls! I received the Adobo Chicken Bowl in my Babbleboxx and flipped the package to see the ingredients. Healthy Choice Power Bowls are made with a combination of nutrient-dense vegetables, proteins and whole grains catering to people living an active lifestyle. Meals are inspired by Korean, Cuban and Latin cuisines and are made in new bowls made of plant-based fiber instead of plastic. (<–I love that!)

Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out with Healthy Choice

The Adobo Chicken Bowl is made with pulled all natural chicken breast with vegetables served on top of brown & red rice, red quinoa and black barley with a guajillo chili sauce topped with roasted pepitas! It is sooo good, you guys. Plus, it is made with all natural chicken raised without antibiotics! There is over 16g of protein and 6-8g of fiber in every bowl. For those active lifestyles we lead, we NEED this protein! For our taste buds, they have are recognizable ingredients and bold flavors.

Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out with flavor

Oh, and if you are still not a ‘frozen fan’, check this out. Healthy Choice is the only major brand in its
category that can call 100 percent of its products “healthy” as approved by the FDA.

I love the ease and convince and can’t wait to hit the store for other varieties as well!

ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpaste

Let’s stay with things you put in your body for a moment. Taking care of you means making better choices on products you use for hygiene and beauty. ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpaste helps maintain healthy gums by cleaning deep between teeth and along the gum line with the gentle power of Baking Soda in ARM & HAMMER™ Peroxicare™ toothpaste. It’s the only toothpaste you can feel working!

Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out with healthier teeth

My grandmother used to brush her teeth with straight baking soda every day. She always had a beautiful smile and using Arm & Hammer Toothpaste reminds me of her! The bonus? I get a deep clean, healthy gums and a baking soda whole mouth clean right from the tube!

Mio SLICE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker. Featuring PAI.

Activity. Activity. Activity. We ALL need more of it. These days our smart phones keep us informed which I am convinced keeps us sitting. Now, more that ever, we need to get up and GO. I hit the CrossFit box 4 -5 days a week and that is my main exercise. Besides chasing kids and dogs who get out. But the truth is, even I need more activity! I LOVE the motivation and information that is given to me by my new Mio SLICE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker. Featuring PAI. that was in my Babbleboxx!

Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out with a reliablke activity tracker

This one is COOL, y’all! PAI is a scientifically-validated metric based on heart rate that tells you how much activity you need to live a longer, healthier life.* The ideal goal is to maintain a PAI score of 100 or more over a rolling 7 days, and you can do this with all types of activity, even those that don’t involve steps like biking, rowing and fitness classes. PAI is calculated based on age, gender, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. It is a fitness tracker that has a heart rate monitor in it that can provide health data we all need to know!

It synchs easily with these devices: iPhone 5S and above, running iOS 9 or above & Android phones running Android OS 5.0 or above. You just synch it to your phone, download the app, set up your account, enter your stats and you are up and running!

Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out with a tracker

  • Continuous All Day Heart Rate Monitoring, 24/7
  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned
  • Resting heart rate, sleep tracking and analysis
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters/100 feet

Check out more detail on the website and Get Mio SLICE online as well!

23andMe Ancestry Kit

$20 off through 5/14

Who am I? What does my bodies make-up tell me about my health? As an adopted child with bits and pieces about my family history, especially in the health arena, knowing what I made up of can be hugely beneficial. I would love to know all about my ancestry, what I am made up of and how I came to be an American! The simple and fast 23andMe Ancestry Kit can tell me everything!

Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out with your DNA

With a simple saliva test that you take and mail back in the prepaid envelope, you can find out where your DNA comes from around the world. Your DNA can tell you where your ancestors lived more than 500  years ago. See a percentage breakdown by region, including eastern Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and more. We look at 31 populations worldwide, and we will continue to refine your results as our database grows. You can even discover when different ancestries were introduced into your DNA. Learn how many generations ago you had an ancestor that was descended from a single population or ethnicity!

How cool is this?

Food, Activity & DNA: Taking Care of You from the Inside Out and great products

I am SO excited about this, but not just for curiosity sake, but for my health as well. My genetic make-up can tell me a lot about how my body functions! Get yours today! I’ll share my results when I get it back!

Taking care of you is so important and I love that Babbleboxx put these products together to help us all! Which one are you most excited to learn about?