The Blood Test That Created a Serious Health Wake Up Call

The Blood Test That Created a Serious Health Wake Up Call

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This post about The Blood Test That Created a Serious Health Wake Up Call, in no way, provides medical advice. Always see your doctor for accurate information. 

The Blood Test That Created a Serious Health Wake Up Call - a read for anyone

The tears started to roll down my face before he even told me everything. ‘Five times more likely to have a stroke.’ ‘5 times more likely to have a cardiac event.’ ‘We need to be proactive.’ ‘We need to be proactive now.’ 

No one wants to hear talk like that from a medical professional. No one. Especially not a single mom who wants to be around for her grandchildren to graduate from college.

Now, before I get you to the level of panic I was at the beginning of that call, let me assure you. I do not have some horrible condition that is going to cause me to have a heart attack, or any other medical emergency, anytime soon. Many people have elevated CRP levels and have zero symptoms at all. What I have, my friends, is a wake up call from this blood test, and some others I got results on, that wipes away all of the excuses that I have used for years not to take care of me.

‘I don’t have time to go to the doctor.’

‘Exercise is all I need to do to be healthy.’ And, boy have I exercised!

‘The kids need (insert any number of things), so I can’t spend the money on myself at a doctor.’

The Blood Test That Created a Serious Health Wake Up Call

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I am live and talking about a health wake up call that I really wanted to share. Come ask questions and help me understand it! See the related article with more detail —> test-that-created-a-serious-health-wake-up-call/

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But there comes a point and time where the excuses mean nothing. The results of my CRP blood test is that time. My level is, literally, 5 times the level it needs to be. My 5.1 CRP results tell me that I have inflammation, a bacterial issue or a combination of things in my body that is causing stress to my system that is at an extremely unhealthy level. It is most likely why I can’t lose weight. It is why I feel ‘swollen’ all the time. Why I battle joint pain, numbness, headaches and any other minor irritation that I have always brushed off before. Inflammation can do serious damage, guys, and we all need to understand that.

Here are the parameters of the test:

Less than 1.0 MG/L = Lowest Risk

1.0 – 3.0 MG/L = Average

Over 3.0 MG/L = Highest Risk – I am at 5.1

Hypothyroid Mom has a great article on this test too.

Want to know one of the ways Doctors help you understand how to treat it and get it back down to where your body is working correctly? Diet and exercise. Along with possible medications and supplement, diet and exercise is a necessity. Your doctor can help you find your number and determine what it means.

Let  me tell you more of my story.

I am a member of the ever complicated Affordable Care Act. We all know that it is neither affordable or has anything to do with care. At least in my experience. My previous provided raised their rates so high that I was spending a car payment on a luxury car a month to maintain it. Even though I did, any provided I called was either, a) not taking new patients despite coming up on the website as doing so, or b) not taking insurance plans through the marketplace or c) setting appointments for marketplace patients up to 6 months out, thus making any medial issue non-important. So, anything I have dealt with medically I have taken to 24 hour clinics.

This year, I decided to stop paying over $600 a month through the marketplace for JUST ME and switched to a plan that was only $350 a month. I am running into even more brick walls with it. I, literally, have yet to find a doctor at all that will see me on my new plan. And I live in one of the top medical cities in the country.

So, I stated asking around and ended up at a complete wellness doctor who is not an MD, but does have a string of patients that I know that love him. I pay him out of pocket. He talked to me on my first appointment for over an hour and a half and ordered a battery of blood tests like I have never had in a traditional doctor’s office. One of them was the CRP test. I am not saying this is a path everyone needs to take. But I am glad I saw someone who thought to do a complete make-up.

Now I am on the massive hunt for an MD, pretty much anywhere within 100 miles of me, that will help me truly interpret the results. From what the wellness doctor told me, and from what I have researched from my blood tests that I have in my hand, my diet is the number one factor that I have to make serious changes to in order to get this number, and the inflammation causing it, under control. I certainly do not want to have to deal with heart disease, lupus or anther serious issue that this can indicates I am at risk for.

Learn about the The Blood Test That Created a Serious Health Wake Up Call

But what I really have to do is admit to myself that my diet is crap. Literal crap. I can sit here all day long and say I have tried. Diet plans. Food delivery plans. Nutritionists. But the truth is, I try them for a few weeks and then quit. The it is cupcake crumbles over ice cream at 9 at night and ‘I can have dessert ’cause I worked out today.‘ diet.

I have to stop. I have to admit that I am in control. That this feeling that I am ‘swollen’ all the time, the changes in my menstrual cycle that should not be happening at 44 and my constant battle with my ‘gut’ is not related to any of the excuses I make for them. They are a direct result of what I put into my body.

Trash in…. trash out.

I have to finally woman up and understand that I can not exercise my way out of a bad diet.

So here I sit. WebMD on one screen, google on the other, and on hold with my insurance company trying to find ANY medical doctor who will see me, searching and reading and trying to drive home the fact that this wake up call has to be listened to.

I think everyone should have a CRP blood test. Know your levels. Know your risks and listen to the screaming voice that is telling you to pay attention. Most doctors, as I understand, will not run this test normally so advocate for yourself and have them order it. I thank my wellness doctor for being so thorough. I don’t know for sure where I would be without this knowledge.

Probably continuing to complain about my symptoms and lack of weight loss even with a religious workout schedule and blaming it all on age.

Don’t be me. Listen and get informed. It could save your life.

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A single work from home mom of three daughters, ages 7, 6 and 4. I blog because it is cheaper than therapy and want to connect with my readers through honest posts! I do reviews and giveaways of quality products!


  1. Holly O April 17, 2017 at 11:31 am - Reply

    A CRP only tells you that you have inflammation in your body. Not where or what the inflammation is from. If your diet is crap that is where you should start. Sugar is one of the biggest culprits. Artificial crap in your food is another. I have arthritis , hubby is a type 2 diabetic. Both of us stopped eating crap. Only real foods. Fruit, Veggies ( in the original package !! not canned, frozen, candied, dried etc) Meats and seafood as organic as possible, Whole grains etc. It requires cooking!! Cutting up your own fruits and veggies. Making your own stock and broth. Cutting out the “crap” will make you feel so much better!! Teaching yourself and your kids how to cook “real” food is a lifelong wonderful thing that will stick with them. Our grand daughter is 7 and she loves the food at our house , will always pick fresh fruit and veggies, loves all seafood and meats. Does not eat candy even though it is offered. We are not “vegan” will break down and eat other items but know that we will not feel great after.
    If the Doctor or Holistic person you go to tries to sell you a product to make you better – THINK – who is making money off that product. Is the goal to make you better or make them money. REAL food can be bought anywhere and only profits the farmers. Vitamins or elixirs or shakes are just “snake oil” made to make them money. NOT help you. Find a farmers market or local farmers, or u-pick and start adding more fruit, veggies, herbs, spices into your diet. Less / no fast food, boxed food, processed food. The inflammation will dramatically drop, so will the weight, brain fog, stomach issues, hyperactivity.
    It requires some work. Make your own drinks ( tea, water, coffee, water with fresh fruit added) , bake from scratch, cook from scratch, take snacks and drinks with you ( we carry a small cooler in the car ) so you don’t end up at a drive thru.
    Good luck – it is time consuming but ends up with huge long term benefits. We are off meds, only see the Dr once a year. We save a lot of money cooking , it gets us out picking, shopping at local markets, taking bread baking classes etc.
    You don’t have to go over board but be very informed of what you put in your body. From Chemicals in the house to what you put in your body.

    • Lori April 17, 2017 at 11:35 am - Reply

      I agree 100%!!! This was a serious wake up call to get the ‘crap’ out and I am on my way. My kids and I made dinner last night that was roasted chicken, broccoli and fruit. I loaded up on lean proteins, fruits and veggies and am thrilled to say that I am on day 5 of totally clean eating and feel amazing!

      I am with you… who is making the $$. But I will say that if I had not gone to see him I would still be making excuses! I am looking forward to just being healthier!!

      Thank you for your very honest comment! We all need to talk more and make excuses less!!

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