***Recipe By Beth M.***

After such a long, cold winter in Ohio anything “spring” sounds absolutely wonderful; especially in cake form!  This cake is decadently rich, popular with the whole family and downright fun to make!  With so many special occasions coming up, this layered cake is sure to be a hit with everyone!

dreamy spring layered cake

Dreamy Spring Layered Cake
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 2 boxes White cake mix (Your Favorite Brand)
  • Mix each one per package directions and half each mixture.
  • You should now have 4 batter mixes separated equally. (Each should be about 2½ cups of batter)
  • Choose your food coloring.
  • Spring colors used for this recipe: Pink, Yellow, Blue & Lavender
  • Bake cakes two at a time per package directions.
  • Toppings: You whatever you enjoy!
  • Added to the top of this cake is Pearlized Pastel Sixlets
  • Easter themed mixed sprinkles. I used the entire container.
  • The eggs on top are Hershey's chocolate eggs in pastel colors.
  1. Using a layer cake cutter, cut the cakes in half.
  2. I used Pink, Yellow, mosaic blue/purple layer, yellow pink.
  3. Mosaic layer/ cut cubes of the two colors and places in checkered pattern over the entire layer.
  4. Once all layers are assembled, use a sharp knife to trim all around the edges for a smooth finish.
  5. Between each layer is simple butter cream frosting, mixed with a 16oz tub of cool whip, green food coloring. This enabled me to spread easier and cut the sweetness just a tad.
  6. Using an icing "comb" tool I gently "combed" the frosting to lift it for the grassy appearance.

If you need a simple butter cream frosting be sure to check out Lori’s Secret Ingredient Butter Cream! It is just lovely!

Though there are many tricks to getting the perfectly even layers; I prefer using a cheap cake layer cutter that I have had for years!

dreamy spring layered cake

It is not necessary to get hung up on the details for decorating this cake. Use your own imagination if you would like and create something uniquely adored by your family! Here are some images to spark your decorating ideas!

“Combing” the frosting with a combing tool will help to lift from the cake creating a “grass” appearance.

dreamy spring layered cake

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