Single women get the shaft on Valentine’s Day, let’s be honest. This holiday has become all about candy and roses and solidifying the love we have with another person. But some of us simply find the constant barrage of hearts, candy and flowers to be nothing more than a reminder that we won’t indulge in those things. Now, let’s get one thing straight, almost none of us are bitter. Nor do we want to be with someone for the sake of Valentine’s Day, simply to be miserable the rest of the year. In fact, I would rather be alone any day of the week versus being in a bad marriage. But after a while, the intense advertising and posting of bouquets and such on social media gets a little taxing.

Being Single on Valentine's Day Can be a Blessing

The thing is, when I was dating and much younger, Valentine’s Day was all about love and getting to spend time with the one you wanted to. I dated a man years ago that sent roses to my office, took me out to the nicest restaurants and wined and dined me. But we were dating and it was new and fun and romantic. As time wore on, all we wanted together was a night alone without the responsibility of work and schedule. So we spent the last few years of our relationship staying in on Valentine’s Day. It had meaning and importance to our relationship. Those were the best days, to be honest.

When that ended and I met me ex and we got married, Valentine’s Day was never a big deal. Add kids, daily stress, financial issues and the concern of coming up with something new and exciting for Valentine’s Day in a marriage and, at least in mine, it lost it’s total appeal quickly. In fact, I think the conversation of, “why waste the time and money’ came into play shortly after the wedding.

Now I think it is actually a blessing to be without a proper date on Valentine’s Day. I don’t have the single woman stress of whether I will be asked out or not. The let down if I am not and the struggle to make the night match my imagination if I am. I can plan the day and the night exactly how I want. In fact, with my girl’s going to game night at their gym, I am playing tennis and having dinner with a dear friend, who is also happily single.

That, to me, is what it is all about now. In my maturity I have learned that happiness all year round is more important than one night and that those I love surround me even if it is not in a romantic way. I honestly think Being Alone on Valentine’s Day Can be a Blessing.

What do you think? Are you a single mom or single on Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear your story!