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A Day in the Life of a Senior Dog Through His Eyes #BrightMind ad @PetSmart

A few weeks ago I told you about my dog, Bud. My 11 year old terrier mix is a fun, loving, protective dog that has weathered every day of my life with me since I found him. He is also the only dog I have of the three that has been here for every single day of my daughter’s lives. He is beyond precious to me and I can not imagine not having him as part of my family. He is a healthy little thing with plenty of running room, exercise, comfy sleep spots and clean water. But I also want him aware and loving life as much as possible while he is here! I have to say, I have noticed a difference in his activity and spunk since switching him to ProPlan Bright Mind about a month ago

See how Bud’s life has changed with new ProPlan Bright Mind

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The change has been gradual but defiantly there. The very first thing I noticed is that he actually eats his food now! Bud has always been a picky eater but as he has aged, it has gotten worse. However, he gobbled up his first bowl of  ProPlan Bright Mind and has eaten both breakfast and dinner every time.

A Day in the Life of a Senior Dog Through His Eyes #BrightMind ad @PetSmart

The second thing I have really noticed now is that he spends a lot more time outside exploring and sniffing around for squirrels and mice than he did a month ago! While he has always barked instantly at anything he deems a threat to his family, he seemed to lose his desire to follow his younger brother around sniffing every blade of grass. That has most certainly changed for the better! He has more interest in what’s going on and seems quicker to respond when playing.

I LOVE that for him!

A Day in the Life of a Senior Dog Through His Eyes #BrightMind ad @PetSmart

Another really wonderful thing is to see him playing with Piper and Jack more! There was a time not long ago where Bud would sit and watch as the two Beagles played. Now, he gets in the middle and he and Jack play throughout the day! I so love seeing this for him again!

I am not alone in seeing a real positive change in my Bud after 30 days on ProPlan Bright Mind. Owners who feed their senior dogs Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind as a daily diet may notice differences in owner-dog interaction, interest in play and the ability to adapt and cope with change. I could not agree more! And since dogs are considered senior at the age of 7, I know a lot of you are looking at your grown pup and asking yourselves how you can improve their lives!

A Day in the Life of a Senior Dog Through His Eyes #BrightMind ad @PetSmart

Now that I have seen Bud more alert, more interested and more like his ‘old self’ again, I won’t stop feeding him ProPlan Bright Mind. I am so excited to see him running and playing and protecting like he loves to do!A Day in the Life of a Senior Dog Through His Eyes #BrightMind ad @PetSmart

How many dogs do you have? How old are they? If they are slowing down, what trick would you love to see them do again?