I woke up this morning to learn that I was not the winner of the Power Ball Lottery. So my dreams of hardwood floors, name brand clothing and a new car were foiled. However, as with any dream, it sits there, festering, begging for me to find a way. As I sit and think about how to become one of the elite that can take a jet to the private boat where champagne and nanny’s run free, I have decided that the next probable option for me is to be a reality TV star.  Now, I know my chances are slim. And I know that my life is interesting to me and those who know me but the editing God’s might not feel the same. But when an application surfaced on the blogosphere this week, the dream got a little closer to never coming true. But hey, it makes for good conversation on my Facebook page. With the possibility of it ever coming to fruition being less than winning the lottery, the question still remains: Would you watch me on a reality show?

Would You Watch me on a Reality Show?

Or is the question different? If the pursuit is fame and moderate fortune, does the type of show make a difference? If the show were more 19 Kids and Counting and less Real housewives, would I be more interested in it? I’m too lazy to do any of the Survivor or Amazing Race series. Those just look like a lot of work. I’d have to deal with childcare, the ex and the drama of the scheduling snags. So anything that would catapult me into fame would have to be out of my house.

Now that I have completely narrowed the options to almost none, I have another question. Would you even be interested in watching me – a single mom with three kids who works from home solely on this blog, navigating schedules, kids, an ex and a career I built, all while trying to take care of me and maintain any type of personal relationships with friends and my newly reconnected brothers – on  a weekly basis?

If you said NO. Well then… don’t watch. But if you said YES than I ask, why is that fascinating? I’m truly curious!

The reality is that I am not a reality star. At least not yet. I still dream big. But I am not a Hollywood starlet using a show to advance my career. I am not a size 6 stunning beauty that women will love to hate. I don’t even get to shower every day, to be honest. But I am a genuine, real woman with the same struggles you have. I get angry, frustrated and confused in my parenting. I deal with difficult clients that can ruin my day in an instant. I struggle to get enough sleep, to eat well and to drop the weight that I can not even blame on babies anymore. I get lonely and sad and also experience great joy and laughter.

So I am just like you.

I would watch me. If for no other reason than to see the inter-workings of a typical household featuring a single mom and her three amazing girls.

But would you? Can I call a casting company and say, ‘They want to see me and my story?’ Can I promise to lose 30 pounds, whiten my teeth and buy a push up bra just to have a chance? Can I start planning my interview questions because, surely, I am worth the time to talk to?

What do you think? Would you watch me on a reality show?

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