Putting together the perfect mother daughter date night on Valentine’s Day is a ton of fun. You can go in so many directions and really make it a special memory. Spending that type of quality time with your daughter on a day like Valentine’s Day makes it even more special. Here are five really fun ideas to try out the next time you spend a mother daughter date night together on Valentine’s Day:

Mother Daughter Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

The Spa

Any daughter would love to go to the spa with their mom. Spending time together for Valentine’s Day at the spa allows them to sit back and talk while others wait on them hand and foot. This is always fun and nothing is more relaxing than a nice massage and pedicure.  Go in and get the works for Valentine’s Day!

The Movies

Valentine’s Day is about romance and finding a movie viewing of a classic can be quite the experience together. Make sure your daughter’s first viewing of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Titanic” or “Sleepless in Seattle” is right by Momma’s side. A mother daughter date night filled with these romantic classics is a wonderful one indeed. We just saw Paddington and it was awesome!

Craft Night at Home

How much fun is it to build or make something together? Mother daughter date night can start at Michael’s and then head home to build a Valentine’s Day project together. You can crochet, make wreaths or countless other fun craft ventures. Pick your favorites and spend the day together with it!


Shopping is rarely a bad idea when it comes to moms and daughters. Why not spend a few hours checking out all the latest trends. Go to the mall and go people watching. That is particularly fun on Valentine’s Day. You can laugh at all the men running around scared because they forgot to buy something for the big day! Shopping does not have to be expensive. Who says you have to actually buy anything? Have a mother daughter date night filled with window shopping.

The Theater or Opera

Some women like the theater and some like opera, but any experience of this kind that you can share with your daughter is special. The theater has a special feel to it that can’t be reproduced any other way. There is something about watching a live performance of a play or show that has deep meaning. Opera is a unique experience as well in that it tells stories through song. Not everyone loves it but for those that do, it is a life changing experience. Regardless, sharing this with your daughter on such a special day will be memorable and fun. Plus you get to dress up together!

What ideas do you have?

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