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Summer is here and if you are like me, you are excited for the end of homework, alarms and schedules! We have many a family vacation planned and with that comes the hauling of stuff! One of the trips is to a water park where we will camp over night! Between towels, shoes, swim suits, outfits, toys, books and so so much more, I will be overloaded with stuff! I need a way to keep up with it and to have it returned should I lose it! Mabel’s Labels will be lending me a helping hand! The Limited Edition Camp Label Pack is designed for everything that goes to summer camp to help avoid mix-ups and lost items! I ordered them and got them within days for my kids!

Easily Label Kid's Summertime Stuff with Mabel's Labels #ICCAMPMABEL #IC (ad)

Ordering these labels online was easy. The visual label shows online and helps you choose the style and font that you want on your labels. Mabel’s Labels award-winning customizable products are laundry, dishwasher & microwave-safe and 100% guaranteed, too! So if I have an issue I can call them up and they will solve it!

I have used Mabel’s Labels before for my kids things and they have proven to be awesome. I still have shoes with labels in them that have been worn many times over the year. I wash them and they stay on, too. Perfect for clothes, swim gear, backpacks, shoes, toiletries and more.

Easily Label Kid's Summertime Stuff with Mabel's Labels #ICCAMPMABEL #IC (ad)

This year, with my Limited Edition Camp Label Pack, I will be labeling towels that we are taking to Great Wolf Lodge, backpacks we are taking to Jelly Stone Water Park, water bottles that we are taking to Austin and so much more! The different sizes and the ability to adhere to anything is so helpful to me! I also love the dog tags that I can chain to a backpack or piece of luggage and helps me identify what is ours!

Whether you are sending your kids to camp, going on a family vacation or taking them to the pool everyday this summer, you need Mabel’s Labels to help you keep track of all of your stuff! Want some help getting some of your own?

Easily Label Kid's Summertime Stuff with Mabel's Labels #ICCAMPMABEL #IC (ad)

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