My oldest daughter, Katie heads to kindergarten next Monday.  My middle daughter, Sarah, heads to preschool the following Monday.

Along with them will go backpacks, lunch boxes, extra clothing in case of accidents or stains, and various other items for them to get mixed up with other kids.  And though I have a marker and think I can label everything, the truth is that I don’t want permanent marker on certain items!

That is why I am so glad there are Mabel’s Labels and their Ultimate Back to School Combo Packs!

First of all, these were so incredible easy to order!  You just pick the design, put the name in – these are for Katie – add a little drawing if you want {we chose princess, of course} and you are done!

The Ultimate Back-To-School Combo contains 50 Tag Mates, 40 Skinny Minis, 16 Shoe Labels and 2 Teeny Tags.  Enough labels to last all year, in my opinion!

The Tag Mates are perfect for Katie’s clothing!  I just affix them to her fall coats and winter gloves labels and I know she will come home with everything she went to school with!  They are very hard to get off and I like that a lot!

I have already started putting the Skinny Minis to her cups and divided boxes that she will have in her back pack.  When she comes home from day 1 with her pre ordered school supplies, I will tag everything!  I don’t want her things to get confused with someone else’s!

The Shoe Tags are GREAT!  I just placed them on the inside of her shoes!  Since so many kids seem to have the same shoes these days, I don’t have to worry about them getting switched!

I have to say, though, my favorite part of this combo is the Teeny Tags!  They are the cutest little dog tags with her name and her princess picture.  I put one on her backpack and one on her lunch bag!

I feel good knowing that, of all the things I have to worry about and be concerned about with her going to kindergarten – my emotions – at least i don’t have to worry about her losing the things that she needs to go to school every day!

I love this combo pack and think that every school aged child should have a set to mark their items!

You can purchase the Ultimate Back-To-School Combo pack and other Mabel’s Labels products on their website!

AND… thanks to the wonderful people at Mabel’s Labels, you can enter to WIN your own Ultimate Back-To-School Combo Pack!

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