**This very needed conversation on how to Kick the Embarrassment of Light Bladder Leakage to the Curb is brought to you by Acorn Influence and Poise. All opinions are my own.**

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The last time I suffered from LBL was like, 5 minutes ago. I was moving laundry from the washer to the dryer and was cleaning the lint catcher. An errant piece flew out and brushed my nose causing a series of sneezes that would lead to a necessary change of lower garments. The kicker is, and anyone with Light Bladder Leakage can attest, you don’t even have to feel the urge to use the restroom to have a little leakage. My embarrassment and ‘good one, Lori‘ did not come from the fact that I, like millions of women around the world, suffers from LBL, but that I actually thought I could go along with my daily life without using my Poise Microliners. I can’t anymore and there is not a bit of shame in it! Not one bit! For anyone. It is time to kick the embarrassment of light bladder leakage to the curb!

Enjoy daily life without the worry of Light Bladder Leakage #PoiseLinerLove ad

I discovered Poise and their entire line of products that actually work about a year and a half ago. I was dealing with my LBL with period pads and, well, that was a mess in itself. They moved and even fell out during intense workouts at Crossfit and were just a pain. But panty liners did nothing and even thicker pads were not that great at absorption and odor control. That is not what they are made for, after all. Poise Microliners absorb not only those little leaks, but the odor that sometimes can come with it too. It is not as if we can live our lives tied to a bathroom with a mom bag stuffed with clean undergarments. We need something light and non-noticeable that lets us sneeze and cough and laugh without worrying that evidence of this annoying issue will be available for everyone to see!

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Our bodies do amazing things. We are able to give birth to little humans, feed them solely on what our body produces and tend to our lives with incredibly resolve and a strength we never knew we had. We put them through a lot. Diets, exercising, stress and a revolving system of too little and too much sleep. We, at least most of the women I know, put ourselves last and rarely ask for what we really need. It is who we are. It is how we are wired.

Exercise and take care of you without the worry of Light Bladder Leakage!

But we are not invincible and having any shame about a little leakage is just not necessary. Especially since no one has to know about it but us! We are so lucky to live in a time where Poise exists and where talking about subjects that used to be taboo is OK! So when you are at Walmart this week picking up back to school lunch items and ingredients for your favorite recipes, don’t shy away from the aisle that has Poise on it. Hold you head high, grab what you need and know that the next time you want to laugh heartily with your friends, you can!

Light and discreet protection for Light Bladder Leakage

In fact, as friends and I sat in a movie theater a few weeks ago screening a new movie coming out this September, laughing hysterically at the antics, I was really, really glad I had remembered my Poise Microliners. The thin, light-weight, barely there liner kept me from having to walk with my purse over my backside, hiding evidence of a natural bodily function.

How are you standing up and kicking the embarrassment of light bladder leakage to the curb?

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