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The only liquid I want to see during my work out is sweat. Poise Impressa helps me achieve that goal!

True story: I was working out. Really putting in my all at CrossFit. I was jumping rope, doing burpees and pushing myself to the limit. The sweat was pouring out, I was feeling great and I was really focused. But while doing box jumps, one after another, trying not to miss a step and end up with a very scraped up and bloody shin, I felt something weird. I looked down and sticking out was my pad. The pad I use to catch any liquid that might try to escape from my bladder. I had run out of my Poise Impressa and planned on heading to Walmart later to get some. But on this day, I chose to head to Crossfit first and the store after. I should have reversed the actions. Because, like so many of you who experience light bladder leakage, this mishap distracted me from what I wanted to do… work out. But f you use Poise Impressa to Stay Focused During Your Work Out, you won’t have to worry like I did!

With Poise Impressa I can work out hard, never give up and achieve my healthy goals! I can wear them with confidence!

Now listen, we all have mishaps with things, right? But finding my pad sticking out as it had moved and become un-adhered during my movements, I was nothing less than embarrassed beyond embarrassment. After all, on that day, I was the only female in a gym full of men. Luckily, the guys were as focused as I had been so no one noticed when I reached down, grabbed it and tossed it in between box jumps.

However, I never could get back into the work out. My record time to finish it that I was on track to break was lost, my ability to put myself back into the rhythm was lost and I could not stop thinking that I was going to leak and cause an even bigger problem on my next jump. Convinced someone had seen my mishap, I rushed out after the class, making excuses why I could not stay and chat and headed to Walmart.

While pads are wonderful for everyday activity for those of us who have minor incontinence issues when we laugh, sneeze or overexert ourselves, working out, going to the water park and even enjoying an active lifestyle with friends, like going bowling, requires more protection that is ultimately discreet.

The Poise Impressa Sizing Kit helps you choose the one that works best for you before purchasing a whole pack in that size!

This is why I rely on Poise Impressa from Walmart, which you can find on rollback now,  to make sure I am don’t have any more embarrassing moments. If you are new to Impressa, then the Impressa Sizing kit can help you determine which size you need for your active lifestyle. I started with the heaviest protection and worked down until I found the size that worked all the time for me, especially during intense workouts. This insert stays in place and protects you and your garments from those little leaks that can distract you from everyday life.

Another great reason to use Impressa? You can wear it in the water. As we all embark on summer vacations, the neighborhood pool and other attractions this summer, we have serious limitations with pads. So Impressa saves us from the potential leak while enjoying your favorite water slide with the kids!

Working out can be ruined quickly with a leak. Use Poise Impressa for discreet protection even on your hardest day!

Leaking is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. But, though we may be able to talk about it better now, we still don’t want the evidence of our issue apparent to other people. Impressa gives all of us the confidence to focus on that workout that makes us feel great, to enjoy the water with the kids and to celebrate the relaxing days of summer with family and friends without worrying about leaks!

Choose your size and then stock up. Whether is be working out, bowling or the water park, you can feel protected!

Get you Impressa Sizing Kit at Walmart and get back into your active life again!