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Is It Time for My Daughter to Have a Training Bra?

‘But, mom, I don’t want to go through puberty!’

That is what my 11 year old daughter told me when I sat down with her to talk about how her body will start to change in the next few years. It is scary for kids to go to a big girl body from a little girl body. No matter what I say to her, no matter how I put it, the truth is that kids needs to be able to come to terms with the news on their own time. Now, almost a year later, her body is starting to change. It is starting to change to the point that I have talked to her and pointed out in stores, training bras. Now listen. I am not totally thrilled about my little girl growing up. I am also not terribly comfortable buying her bras at age 11. But the truth is, it has to be done. I can’t stop her body for maturing anymore than she can stop puberty. So the question becomes, Is It Time for My Daughter to Have a Training Bra?

Is It Time for My Daughter to Have a Training Bra?  like Hanes

Forever I thought no. A little girl with tiny buds starting to show does not need a bra. But my mind was changed one day not long ago. If you will remember, this summer we fostered 5 Beagle puppies. While meeting the adoptive families we came across one that had a pool. My girls did not have swimsuits. I am a ‘go with the flow’ kind of mom so, when the girls were invited to swim in their clothes, I said absolutely!

They swam and had a good time. But it was not until Katie stood up on the hot tub did I realize that she was in a white T-shirt and that she was, indeed, starting to go through puberty. I quickly walked over and told her to get back down in then pool while I went to the car to get her another shirt. Yes, I have extra clothes in my car for my kids. You just never know!

Is It Time for My Daughter to Have a Training Bra?  and what kind

The very next day I opened my box from Hanes that had a variety of training bras for girls and immediately asked Katie to come try them on. She was resistant but agreed that the pool incident meant that she needed to start paying attention to modesty and the changes in her body.

For us, the answer to this question became clear and obvious. I think that is the case with most little girls. Some moms believe training bras should be started before their daughter’s body starts to show signs and some wait until it is painfully obvious. I think I was somewhere in between.

Getting Katie to accept that her body is changing is not an easy task. The things we talk to kids about can be very scary. Breasts, periods, hair in places they have never seen… that is scary stuff! But choosing the training bras that she needs is easy.

Hanes provides a large line at Target and other retailers that are cute, fun and high quality!

Everyday Comfort (Bralettes)

Cozy Pullover 

Seamless Foam

Is It Time for My Daughter to Have a Training Bra?  from Target

For on the Go Comfort (Athleisure, Sporty)

Seamless Foam Strappy Back

Sleek and Smooth (Molded)

Molded Wirefree

Katie has tried all of these and she loves them. She loves the Cody Pullover for tank tops and the Molder Freewire for dresses. She has stated that she feels more confident, is less conscious of ‘showing’ her body and is just happier. That is the goal, after all. To make the kids feel good again while their bodies throw them for a loop!

Here are some great tips on how to make sure you are choosing the right training bras for your child!

Girls’ Bras – Tips from Hanes Bra Expert (Melissa Berry)

  • Girls develop at different rates – some later, some more quickly. So be prepared to have the discussion. It’s an important time for body awareness and self-confidence.
  • Remember that your girl is still growing, so consider a bra with a flexible fit, adjustable straps and removable foam inserts. Hanes bras are designed with growing girls in mind.
  • In terms of styles, a seamless pullover or bralette can be a great starter bra. Next, look for a seamless style with removable pads for added modesty. For girls on the go, a racerback style can provide a sporty look and keep straps from slipping off her shoulders. For older girls, molded cups provide smooth shaping and support.
  • Know what type of bra your daughter wants before you go shopping. This helps you focus your options and ease the decision-making process, in what can be an emotional time (for you and your daughter!).
  • Once at the store, consider the fit: Can she jump up and down without the bottom band riding up or the straps falling down? Can she wear her backpack comfortably? Is she comfortable with the thinness or thickness of the strap?
  • Look for easy sizing guidelines on the package – knowing your daughter’s clothing size and/or weight will help you to find the right size for her.

Is It Time for My Daughter to Have a Training Bra?  like Katie?

Is your daughter ready for a training bra? That is really a call for you and her. But at least Hanes can help approach this sensitive subject with variety and quality!

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