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Is being a single mom hindering my success?

Is being a single mom hindering my success? #SKExperts

I had to turn it down. A media trip that I would have moved mountains to go on. The interview with the A-list star, the trip to my favorite city in the world, the opportunity that would make me the envy of coworkers and the pride of my friends. But I couldn’t make it work.

Gone are the days of having another adult in the house to rely on so that I can explore my entrepreneurial dreams. Now I am faced with coordinating out of sync schedules, dealing with the pain in the ass “my life is more important than yours” lecture and the uncertainty that a commitment to help may go away a matter of hours before I board the plane. I am a single mom and beyond thrilled to be one. But I often wonder if being a single mother is hampering my success.  READ MORE