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Start taking care of you with Garnier® Whole Blends™ + WIN a $100 Visa Gift Card

In the spirit of Mother's Day, Garnier® Whole Blends™ continue to remind us of our unique beauty. Photo by: Lori Pace/ If you had told me years ago that becoming a mother to three little girls in three years would change the way I take care of myself, I would have called you [...]

I love this cartoon character so much that my kids need to know him, too

I am a proud contributor. See all of my articles now! There has been no time in my life that I have not loved Curious George. It's a show meant for preschoolers, but even as an adult, I love the nostalgic feel of the inquisitive monkey living in The City with The Man with the [...]

As a single mom I really don’t want to go to your holiday party

I am a proud contributor. See all of my articles now! I sat home on Thanksgiving Day, in a quiet house with no plans. My lunch dishes lay discarded on the floor, licked clean by the dogs, while candy wrappers littered the floor. Yes, candy — with no pumpkin pie in the house, I [...]

Don’t tell me I didn’t really give birth because I had a C-Section

Shaming women who have C-sections is ridiculous and needs to stop! A knife cut through my skin, muscle, tissue and uterus so that my daughter and I could live. It did the same two more times for my other two daughters. Recovery was painful and exhausting paired with the care of newborns and not much [...]

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