Last week I sat in a packed theater and watched the explosively entertaining Iron Man 3.  I was absolutely fascinated to see how the clips I had seen with the CEO of Marvel, Kevin Feige back in February, had changed!

Iron Man 3

And now I know why this is the #1 movie in America and all over the World!

What an amazing, fast paced, electric, fun, exciting, nail biting, creative, awesome must-see movie Iron Man 3 is!  Grab your  older kids – I would say 15 and up due to the nature of the villains – and make it a family movie night.  It will be one for conversation, excitement and smiles all the way through!

I can not even tell you my favorite scene. But the one in the clip below had my audience, literally, clapping and cheering in the theater! I kid you not!


In fact, there were many, MANY scenes where the audience clapped and cheered, jumped in their seats and laughed hysterically.  Robert Downey, Jr. is beyond funny and quirky and fun in his fourth stint at wearing the iron suit!

I love love LOVED Gwyneth Paltrow in this film as well!  Don’t tell me that 40+ women can’t be powerful AND sexy!  She has it all wrapped up on an intelligent package that is endearing and human!

And the little boy, Ty Simpkins, is so awesome.  A mini Tony Stark in the making, his character brings humanity and humility to Iron Man 3.  I would have loved to have seen more of him!

Ben Kingsley is, well, amazing.  As if he could ever be described as anything else.  His evil, quirky, slightly nutty ‘The Mandarin’ character is a pivotal one in the movie.  And as it developes, so will your sense of curiosity in how it all comes together.

Now, to be blatantly honest, I have not seen all of movies 1 and 2.  Yes, I know – hanging my head in shame.  But the person I went with is a HUGE Iron Man, Avengers fan and he said, hand’s down, that this is the best of the three movies.  He says you should see all three, but that this one is a fantastic finish(?) to the saga!

Iron man 3

As for kids, well, I’ll be honest. I would not take my 6, 5 and 3 year old to see this movie.  It is far too complex with multiple person death scenes, scary villains that regenerate and a theme of terror that is just too hard to explain.  I would say, and after talking to more moms that have seen it and agree, that ages 15 and up are more likely to understand the super hero fantasy world and not be spooked by the theme.

That being said, this movie is a MUST SEE!  If for anything, the action scenes, the humanity and the story line are all done to action film perfection!

What did you think?  Leave a comment with your thoughts after you see it!

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