I Know I Have Too Many Kids When…

I take one with me to the store and she has a major meltdown, holding up the check out lane, and I consider it relaxing.

I feet a bubble in my belly and go into a cold sweat panic because it feels like a baby kick.

I consider my house clean if I can still masterly maneuver around toys on the floor without stepping on one.


I am out with friends and tell them that I need to go potty.

I consider a good nights sleep to be equivalent to the number of children I have.  3 kids =3 hours!

People look at me crazy.  In all honesty, that may not solely be because of the kids.

And the number one reason I know I have too many kids…

I can not find one and, after 20 minutes of searching and screaming her name, have to call the neighbors in to find her…  sleeping on my couch.  True story.  No kidding.

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Originally Published 5/25/2011

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