After the separation and divorce last year, I started a long, but mostly fun, purge of the house my girls and I are still in. It is their family home and I am doing all I can to make sure it is updated and safe for them to live the rest of their childhood’s out in. I don’t want to move and I don’t want to move them. But, the old furniture – that was his mother’s – the old paint that I hated and the other shortcuts he took while working on the house, are needing to be fixed properly and be updated. After saving for over two years, I finally have that week where everything is chaos but the last of it will be done!

My REAL Day in Motherhood

So here are my updates via video. I am sorry about the 2 but I refuse to pay to store more video on my iPhone so it cut off! Here is the chaos of updating a house, with a little one home on Spring Break, and a mountain of work to complete by deadlines!

Have you done a house update? I would love to hear what you did and see pictures! Leave them in your comments below!

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