Universal Studios presents Dragon Alley in cohesion with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  This is so exciting for Harry Potter fans everywhere and we could not be more thrilled to bring you this exhilarating news!  Universal Studios always includes something for everyone in the family and it is one of our favorite places to visit! harry potter

 With The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley,  this expansive, new area will feature something for everyone:  a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional new attraction, spectacularly themed shops and dining.  We are taking guests on an amazing adventure and journey, using powerful story-telling and innovative technology. In addition, the spectacularly themed area will double the size of the already sweeping area dedicated to Harry Potter’s adventures at Universal Orlando, expanding it across both Universal theme parks. And, just like in the books and films, guests will be able to journey between London and Hogsmeade aboard The Hogwarts Express.

Harry Potter has delighted us with his wonderful magical characteristics for years and to walk amongst his “life” is just magnificent.  Universal Studios has brilliantly afforded visitors with the chance to become part of the wizarding world and the feature is amazing!  With this new addition of Dragon Alley, we are sure to find something to tickle the kid in all of us from the setting, food and attractions.

If you have not checked our Universal Orland, put that on your to-do list! It is the  most exciting adventure for the whole family! 
This is one trip that will leave your family with lasting memories as you take a walk in this mystical town! Stay tuned to all of the new exciting news from Universal Orlando and be sure to check out the new attractions! Happy Wizarding!


harry potter    harry potter     harry potter

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