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I honestly feel like all of us are stretched too thin. Single moms, married moms, working moms, stay at home moms… we all have so much on our plates that having something as simple as groceries delivered to the house would be like the best Christmas gift ever. It used to be a pipe dream but not anymore. Thanks to Shipt coming to Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, we hard working Texans can open the door to a friendly face that has our groceries for the week! I tried this service for the first time in Houston and I absolutely loved it! The perks of this program are awesome and you can see some on my previous post. But there are some other perks that make the annual fee of only $99 seem like a teeny, tiny price to pay!

Ship to 2 places

I did not know this initially but you can order groceries for multiple households and have them delivered! Isn’t that amazing? This is fantastic if you have an elderly neighbor or parent that lives at home and could use a break from going to and from the store with heavy bags! I LOVE this for caregivers and think it could really change the day to day life of those who have a hard time getting out!

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Order while on vacation

Imagine that you are at the airport with your kids and you realize that you have no milk at home. Because you can choose the time and date your groceries are delivered, you can order from the airport and have Shipt knocking on your door not long after you get home!

Ask for products even not on the list

When I started my order I could not understand why some things did not seem to come up. Well, thanks to Deborah, my Shipt shopper, I could out that you can add the item on the app to the ‘special order’ line and, if they can find it in the store, you get it! In addition, my shopper, Debroah, texted me that she was at the store and then texted if she had an issue finding an item or needed to substitute it. It was AWESOME!

Your Shipt Shopper stays in contact in case your list has issues. #ShiptLife #ad

Save money overall

I generally spend $250 – $300 a week on groceries for my family and for items that help me with my work. But I would say some of that is ‘impulse’ purchases I make in store. I did my first week, minus veggies and fruit since I had already picked them up for the week, and only spent $180. So I probably will end up saving over $100 a month just by having them delivered from an organized list!

Shop from your couch

Sick kid? Single mom dreading taking the kids to the store? It’s nap time and you NEED chicken for dinner? Use the app to place your order and have your groceries delivered within an hour or so. Shop- from your couch is the single most convenient thing ever!

Free shipping over $35

People have asked me about shipping costs. If your grocery order is over $35, you don’t pay a delivery free. Also, tips are appreciated but not required, according to my shopper. So while I did tip, I also think that I am going to save so much on my weekly bill that is is still nominal. So make sure you order over $35 at a time!

I got a week's worth of groceries for less, delivered! #ShiptLife #Ad

Earn Free Groceries

There is a referral program with Shipt that earns you $10 for every paid friend that signs up because of you. I have YET to meet a mom who would not love this service so I am pretty sure my $10 will add up and I bet yours will too!