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Imagine you are home, the kids are screaming, the dogs barking and the phone ringing. You look in your fridge trying to come up with a creative recipe that uses celery and soy milk. You have not gone to the store. You were too busy, too crazed or simply forgot. It happens all the time to me. I think I have what I need to serve the meals and snacks and drinks I want. But it seems like I never do. And, I have to admit, going to the grocery store with three kids, while manageable, tends to cost me more money and finds me always forgetting something. So when I heard that Shipt, an on-demand grocery  delivery service, was joining forces with HEB in Houston starting June 29, 2016 to provide this service to us, I saw the stress of shopping with three girls melt away!

Dallas, Houston and San Antonio can now benefit from on demand grocery delivery services with Shipt! #ShiptLife #ad

Shipt is a nationwide grocery shopping and delivery service that you can manage from your desktop, phone app or tablet. You simply sign up for an annual membership that is only $99 – seriously, my mouth fell open when I saw how affordable that is. I spend more than that on gas driving to and from the store every year!! – order what you need and wait for the groceries to show up at your door in LESS THAN AN HOUR!

Check out this video to give you an idea of how it works!

There are SO many reasons that this is a great service for busy moms.

  1. You can make your list anytime. So add those apples while you are waiting at soccer practice. Add the squash before you pull out of the driveway but still have it on your mind. Add that chicken right before you leave the office while you are thinking of dinner. No more, ‘I should write that down’ or ‘What was that one thing I needed again?’. When you are ready to order, just use the list you have been creating over the last few days!
  2. Reduce the impulse purchases. No more walking through the aisle with the kids trying to convince you that they will ‘totally eat that, mom’ while you debate whether it fits in the budget. Order only what you need and reduce your overall grocery bill.
  3. Have a stocked fridge after vacation! If you are like me, the last thing you want to do after vacation is go to the grocery store. So while you are unpacking and washing load after load, make an order to Shipt and have your groceries arrive right as the kids start to scream that they are hungry!
  4. Be in two places at once. How awesome would it be to actually sit down and relax during nap time while, in the heat of the day, you know that a Shipt shopper is hunting down the items you need and going to deliver them right to you? It’s as if you are in two places at once!
  5. Get that ‘forgotten’ item. The relatives are on their way and you forgot the chips to go with the dip, the ice to go with the soda and the candles to go on the cake! Input what you need on the Shipt app and have it delivered without having to ask mom to stop and get them for you!
  6. Reduce eating out costs. Since you will always have a stocked fridge and groceries at your fingertips, you can eliminate the ‘I have nothing, let’s go out’ evening conversion. Now going out to eat real is a treat and not just because you didn’t get to the store!

Just use your phone, tablet or computer to order your groceries. Within an hour, they will be at your door! #ShiptLife #ad

My membership is going to start right on the 29th and I can not wait to share with you my first experience! Think of the work I can get done while someone else shops!

SIGN UP NOW! Houston, San Antonio and Dallas all have the service now!