Gifts in a Jar Ideas

I love homemade gifts and I seem to love almost any kind of gift that comes in a jar!  I’m a huge fan of Mason jars.  I even collect the old fashion antique jars that are super hard to find now a days.  You remember the kind that have a metal flip up wire to hold the glass lid on.  Most of my old jars are tinted blue with that wire lid.  They are rusted but I still love them. Decorating with Mason jars is fun too but that’s a whole other subject.  Today I want to talk about Gifts in a Jar!  I tend to think of all the public service workers, teachers, postal workers, doctors, nurses etc…  around the holidays with homemade gift ideas.  I’ve become quite creative with ideas over the years.  Here are some of our favorite “gifts in a jar!”

Let’s start off with our Famous Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe.  Just the words Crockpot and Apples are enough to grab anyone’s attention.  The taste of this gift will knock their socks off!

Gifts in a jar ideas

Now let’s do Banana Bread in a jar!  Oh yes!  We just went there!  I love banana bread so the fact that it comes in a jar is pure bonus for me!

Now don’t just think of edible gifts that come in a jar, think hand scrubs too!  Some of my most popular gifts for women are these delightful hand scrubs!  We have all kinds of flavors too.

The Mary Kay’s Satin Hands Copycat is our most popular gift for almost any time of year.  It’s especially popular over the holidays!  The smell on this scrub is so relaxing too.  Now you can easily package this in a fun mason jar and decorate it with a simple ribbon!  I always get compliments about this scrub recipe!

Another favorite sugar scrub recipe is our Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe In a Jar.  Its beautiful to look at but works like a charm too.  There is just something about the scent of peppermint near the holidays.

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