The hardest part of this craft was going to the store for the supplies. Seriously. But once we had all of the supplies and the 30 minutes to set aside, it came together and now adorns my door with color and beauty! This DIY Wreath needs nothing more than a few supplies and your love for your mom (or your own home!)

30 Minute Craft: DIY Wreath Mom

Here is what you need for this one. You can get almost all of it on Amazon or at your local hobby store!


  • Pre-made wood wreath
  • 8-10 Silk (or any fake) Flowers in multiple sizes
  • Fillers, these can be smaller flowers, cotton stems, stems with beads, really anything
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden letters


Cut the flower stems to 4-6 inches long you can slide them between wood branches, but not too long that they stick out.

Start assembling by inserting the cotton branches or long stems first. Continue by placing the bigger flowers in the top center first and filling in with the smaller flowers. Continue down the wreath and repeat as many as you wish. Play with it and change it up, you cannot go wrong! Once you are happy with your design, finish with the same cotton branches or stems on the opposite side. Once your flowers are in an arrangement that you like, glue them in place if needed.

30 Minute Craft: DIY Wreath supplies

Take your wooden letters and place them on the opposite side of wreath to spell Mom.  You can also use smaller letters to say Welcome, Spring or anything else you want to celebrate!

Glue in desired place. Make sure your glue dot presses firmly again a piece of wood from wreath so it holds well.

Tada! Fast and easy last minute Mother’s Day gift for the perfect mom! She’ll love it!

Check out the steps below in photos!

30 Minute Craft: DIY Wreath blank

30 Minute Craft: DIY Wreath glued

30 Minute Craft: DIY Wreath Mom

30 Minute Craft: DIY Wreath a little different

SO CUTE, right?

30 Minute Craft: DIY Wreath Pinterest