The beauty of this project is that it is super easy to make! This Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, baby shower gifts, or just a pretty item in your home, this easy to assemble DIY Wood Pallet Heart Project is versatile and FUN! Change up the wood colors to match a room or change up the floral colors on several pallets for an array of beauty! Any way you do it you will love it!

DIW Wood Pallet Heart Project finished

The supplies can be purchased at any bog box store or on Amazon.


Wood Pallet (use any size you would like! Just make sure you have enough flowers to fill it in)

Burlap String (if not already attached)

Staple Gun (only if needed for string)

20-25 Different Paper Flowers (use different sizes and textures and add more if your pallet calls for a larger heart)

Hot Glue Gun


Remove the flowers from original packaging and lay them out in an order to start forming a heart shape. Play with it, and change them around as much as you would like.

Use smaller flowers to fill in holes or gaps.

Once you have the paper flowers in a heart shape and you like the layout, begin hot gluing them to the pallet one at a time.

I did this by keeping them all in place and slightly lifting up, applying the glue to the bottom of flower, and replacing in the same spot. I was careful not to disturb the layout I had made.

But if I did, I could always add more or change it as needed. Again, you can not go wrong with it!

I think I changed it at least 10 times!

Happy Crafting!

DIW Wood Pallet Heart Project Pallet


DIW Wood Pallet Heart Project hanger


DIW Wood Pallet Heart Project flowers


DIW Wood Pallet Heart Project placing


DIW Wood Pallet Heart Project pinterest

I can not tell you how incredibly beautiful this looks in my home! My mother is going to love it for Mother’s Day as well! Just be sure to sign a sweet message on the back if it is a gift for someone else!

Enjoy and tag me when you post yours online!