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Just like many of you, I grew up watching the original Ghostbusters movie and was both thrilled and nervous when I heard they were filming a remake this 20-ish years later. I wondered if it could live up to the humor of the original, with as many memorable lines and people. Now I realize that worry was for nothing, because with a team like this behind a new film, you know it’s going to be great – and as you’ll hear (or read) in this Ghostbusters Movie Review, it really was!

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 If you remember nothing else from this review, just remember that the cast makes this absolutely laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish! I’m already finding myself using some of the quotes from Ghostbusters – although my family, who has yet to see it, gives me a weird look as I laugh to myself about it.

If you missed reading about our interview with the cast of Ghostbusters, be sure to check it out. Just as funny and entertaining as that was, and hearing all the fun behind the scenes, it truly shows in the movie with dancing, epic friendships and plenty of good-mannered teasing.

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Be ready for some surprise appearances from the cast from the original Ghostbusters movie – because how could they stay away from something so awesome? Even Slimer has a come-back, and he’s got a girlfriend. I need to tell you something super important – STAY UNTIL THE VERY END! I mean it, through the credits – it’s worth the wait, I promise.

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I do believe that this new movie is a bit more intense than the first, with the graphic capabilities being much more realistic and the whole feel of it a little more jumpy. There was one part where I completely jumped in surprise – but then it was laughable instantly after. I will say that I advice using your best judgement for your own kids, as to what they can or can’t handle as far as spooks, apparitions, and ghosts taking over objects and people.

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 I can’t honestly say that I love this movie MORE than the first, or vise versa. They’re both unique, and have their own special stories, people and humorous lines. They’re both incredible, and I’d be thrilled to watch either one multiple times!