{Psst:  read carefully, there is a giveaway within a giveaway in here! hehehe  LOVE this!}

Do you need a new couch?  How about one for free?  How about a beautiful, chocolate brown vinyl one with track arms that everyone truly has a shot at?

I LOVE these kinds of giveaways and I love even more that, not only does everyone have a real shot at the couch – because it is not a random draw type thing {more on that in a bit} – but that I can also have a chance to get people involved early in the next big website for affordable, amazing home furnishings and decor!

That’s right!  Fobango.com is a baby.  In a week or so, it will start a testing stage and is looking for real feedback from its “beta” members.  That could be YOU when you enter to win the couch!  With its official launch just around the corner in late September, Fobango.com is looking to us to help them work out any possible kinks!

You just enter to win the couch and when the email comes from Fobango.com in a week or so, you respond with your desire to participate.  Don’t worry, you will want to.  I promise (giveaway within a giveaway, remember?)

Now, you don’t have to buy anything or promise your first born or anything.  Fobango.com just wants you to have the chance to try out the site, catch up on their blog, share photos with the community and so on!   The goal is to improve user experience so that when they do launch they have a user friendly, issue free site.   AND (giveaway within a giveaway alert) – if you enter to win the couch and become a beta member, there will be a photo sharing contest during the beta period with an awesome, yet to be announced prize, and you could win that too! 

With so much going on, let me break it out a bit:

Fobango.com, as I said, is a furniture and home goods site that helps save customers money by shipping directly from the manufacturer.  They want to be your go to website when you are ready to build your nest for less!    As evident by their fan loving Facebook page, the company is more than just a shopping site!  Fobango is a social experience designed for the new digital person (ME).  Users can share photos, write reviews and talk with furniture and home decor enthusiasts.  Invite your friends in and help them find things perfect for their homes as well as getting their advice on items for yours!  A true, well rounded, experience can be had on Fobango.com.

In addition, because Fobango.com ships directly from the manufacturer, the savings are real and evident!  I am seriously looking forward to joining and playing around with the shopping site that aims to thrive on user participation!

Find out more by stalking… I mean, following them on Twitter!

The Couch Giveaway:

Fobango.com invites you to enter to WIN a new couch!  All you have to do is enter your information and a unique link is issued to you!  The more people that you get to sign up to win the couch through your link, the closer you get to winning it!  That is right.  This is not a “random pick” type of contest where you enter your name, say a little prayer, and then never hear a thing about it again.  As with the site, you are rewarded for your promotion and participation in this giveaway!

So – enter to get your link, tweet it, Facebook it, Stumble it, email it, hire a sky writer – whatever you want to do!  The person with the most entrants will win the couch!  The winner will be announced in late September on the date of the launch of the website!

So, get started on spreading your link around.  When Fobango.com is ready to start the beta test period in the next week or so, they will contact you and ask you to participate.  If you do, you will be privvy to the photo contest and special information and deals on Fobango.com!

You can still win the couch if you choose not to participate!

The acceptance of the invite simply gets you in on a fresh new idea and lets you take advantage of that position!

I, personally, can not wait!

So, get to it!  Head over to Fobango.com and enter to win your free couch!  Spread that link like wildfire!  And then, when you win, come back and tell me that you did so I can shout congrats from the rooftops!

**This is a compensated post for Fobango.com.  All writings and opinions are my own.  I will not be entering the win a couch contest.  Please see my full disclaimers and privacy policy on this website.**