Do you just love to garden? Do you wish your kids loved to garden with you? Say no more! This article will share some key components gardening with kids so they will love it too.

10+ Ideas for gardening with kids.

My favorite reason for springtime is getting out in the garden. There is just something special about digging in the earth and turning those itty bitty seeds into these beautiful flowering plants. It’s even more amazing when the plants are edible too.

I’ve spent every spring trying to garden with my kids. Whether we’ve got a little pot inside or an immense outdoor plot, my kids will know that their Mom loved to garden. Hopefully that love will transfer over to a few of them, and they will find joy each spring as they put forth a little effort for the splendid results.

Despite my personal love for being out in the garden, it has not been easy to get my kids outdoors and smiling while helping with the planting, weeding, and watering. To get them excited I’ve found it takes a little extra effort on my part to make it more than just planting a garden.

The following list is just a few ideas to get you started on your journey of gardening with kids. Some I’ve tried, some I still plan on trying.

Toys in the Garden

Getting kids in the garden at an early age will help kids enjoy it year after year. Before their little hands are ready for the actual work in a garden, you can bring them out with you by having things in and around the garden that they can enjoy. For little boys, this Construction Site Gravel Pit from The Imagination Tree is my favorite idea!

All kids love chalk, but not every backyard garden has a good place to color and draw. This Outdoor Chalkboard from Hey There Home takes care of that problem. From coloring pictures to planning your garden, I can see so many uses for this. The Hopscotch Garden Path from Our Sixth House is another fun activity that kids will love in the garden.

Gardens for Kids

For the small hands making a space in the garden to explore, without ruining your hard work, is key! That’s why I love this Sensory Play Garden from The Imagination Tree. They can dig, plant, water, and feel their way through the garden, and you’re prized plants will stay intact.

For older kids, giving them a garden of their own to take care of can teach responsibility, and a love for the garden. This Quick and Colorful Kids Garden from Keep It Simple, Sister allows for a space that kids can plan what the plant, and then take care of it too. You could make it an Herb Fairy Garden from Laughing Kids Learn, or help them learn about Bonsai Gardening from The Educators Spin On It. For indoor gardening with kids, this Upcycled Garden Center from Home Maid Simple is both easy and fun to do. Or Upcycle an Old Sandbox into a Kids Garden from Creating My Happiness, and teach the kids about recycling too.

If your kids are helping in your main garden, make a fun place for them to come to. This DIY TeePee Trellis from Family Food Garden is a fun place to play all season long, and when the beans are ready to harvest the kids can sit in their own little teepee enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Gardening with Kids Decor

Once they have their own garden planted, help them with these Painted Rock Garden Markers from Adventure In A Box. I’m absolutely loving how they turned out, and they’ll hold up better in the weather than stick markers. Or do a little more upcycling with the addition of this DIY Birdfeeder from A Day In Motherhood.

After Gardening with Kids

Once you’ve got your garden going, it’s important to keep the kids attention going. Halfway through the season consider throwing a party. This Gardening Birthday Party from Pizzazzerie is sure to be a hit with little girls. A few changes like serving “dirt in a cup” – gummy worms in oreo pudding – boys will have just as much fun. This Springtime Garden Jello Dessert from A Day In Motherhood is another must for any garden party with kids.