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Pledge to Recycle with PepsiCo + Make Your Own Birdfeeder #RecycleRally #PepsiRecycles #ad

This family of one mom, three daughters and three dogs creates a ton of trash. So much so that I feel great guilt sometimes at all of the things we thrown away. Since I am much more aware of the value of recycling and reusing these days, especially thanks to my kids who are learning the value of it at school as well, I am always looking for options that keep my bottles out of the landfill. With water bottles, orange juice bottles and more coming in and out of this house, I know that there has to be a way to encourage my kids to recreate something useful out of the containers their favorite PepsiCo products come in. Hence my super easy DIY Birdfeeder! With April bringing fun birds to the yard and Earth Day around the corner, it is the perfect time to combine recycling and feeding nature!


Pledge to Recycle with PepsiCo + Make Your Own Birdfeeder #RecycleRally #PepsiRecycles #ad

As a mom trying to teach my kids more about the power and value of recycling, the PepsiCo Rectycle Rally is an awesome tool. It is a nationwide program directly benefiting grades K-12. My girls are all in elementary school so this is a great program to get involved in now. This FREE program helps make recycling fun and rewarding for kids of all ages. Recycle Rally can not only help boost kid’s excitement about recycling but can also help them get their classmates excited about it by providing tools to help!

In addition to helping to raise awareness and excitement about recycling and getting schools into it as well, Recycle Rally offers promotions that can be participated in for prizing!

Go to Recycle Rally NOW, like my kids and I will be doing for their school, and get FREE items to help build motivation to recycle. There are poster templates, certificates, fun activities and more! Plus, let everyone know that you school can earn accumulated rewards points that can be redeemed for items like recycling bins, school supplies that is always in high demand and so much more! My girls are always looking for ways to stand out and to do something great for their schools. Recycle Rally is the perfect program to get them started!

Pledge to Recycle with PepsiCo + Make Your Own Birdfeeder #RecycleRally #PepsiRecycles #ad

How to Make a Bottle Birdfeeder

What you need:

Tropicana Juice Bottle – empty

Wooden spoons

Bird Seed

Rubber Band

Paper Clips


Exacto knife

How to make it:

You will need a clean, dry bottle so enjoy your juice or Aquafina water ahead of time! Remove the labels and use a goo remover to get any stickiness off.

With place the spoons in the general area you want them to be. They must tilt down and the hole that is down, the spoon part, must have a larger opening so the seed can come out when the birds land on it.

Using the exacto knife, cut the holes for your spoons. I did one on the side tilted down and one on the main face tilted down. Try not to make the slant too steep or the spoons will slide out. Since sometimes this is hard, you can secure the spoon underneath to the bottle with a little glue. Just make sure it dries completely before adding the seed.

Once the spoons are in place, add the seed. I used a wide mouthed funnel to get it into the bottle. You should see the seed spill out to the spoon mouth.

Take the rubber band and put it around the mouth.

Pledge to Recycle with PepsiCo + Make Your Own Birdfeeder #RecycleRally #PepsiRecycles #ad

Take the two paper clips and slide them into the rubber band, one on each side of the mouth.

Screw the cap back on with the paperclips flipped up.

Tie a string to each clip, double knotting it and hang from a tree or an area you want to see birds!

That’s it! A super east, under 15 minutes craft that is beneficial to nature!

I am scouring my recycle bin for even more ways to reuse common items I bring into my home! How would you recycle something you usually toss?

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