I bundles up my girls on a cold day in Texas, put them in the car and drove to the movie theater to see the newest Disney animated film, FROZEN. We shuffled through the rain, got to our seats and I joked with the girls that they would be really, really cold during the showing.  It’s FROZEN and all…  get it?

And then my three daughters and I split a box of candy and sat back to watch the opening cartoon featuring Mickey which was truly one of the best 3D, animated shorts I have ever seen. My girls lept from their seats trying to grab Mickey as he flew into the audience, 3D making him real enough to touch.

When that was over and the clapping and laughter died down, snow seemingly fell in the theater, each sparking, unique flake causing my children to reach out their hands to catch them. The music started and a Disney film with possibly the best message I have ever seen from one started in a musical, animated flurry of pure entertainment.

The story line will surprise you and the music will impress you as the plot thickens with every icy twist and turn. A story about two sisters, two Princes and a few hysterical sidekicks will capture your attention, make you want more and fuel the imagination of children.

I was impressed with the characters that are Elsa and Anna. I laughed throughout at the antics of Olaf, the snowman, and Sven, the Reindeer, and I had hope for the Princes that entered their lives.

See the trailer!

These Princesses are like no other. Sassy and intelligent, they each battle the meaning of things that happen that are out of our control in their own unique way. In the end, you think you know what is going to happen. You think you have it all figured out and then… just when you anticipate one thing, something else happens. Something that even made me tear up just a little.

Mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, sisters, aunts and best friends need to head to the theaters to watch this latest masterpiece in the beginning of its journey to another Disney Classic. I, personally, will be taking my girls to see it again. And Santa will be bringing some special toys this year. This is a message I want to drive home again and again… for them to have in their hearts eternally!

Frozen Movie

FROZEN is now in theaters.  Come back and tell me what you thought of it!


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