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Unstuck Life Courses can help you make a change! #Unstuck #ad

My life is chaos. Organized, unpredictable chaos. Many think I never sit down. Friends think I do too much. Strangers think my life is amazing. And it is. But the truth is, this unpredictable and fast moving life, while happy, is stressful. I actually feel like I am a hamster spinning on a wheel sometimes, working hard and never getting to the finish line. Three kids, three dogs, a growing business and a 40 year old house to maintain can be a lot for one single mom. Lately I have been feeling that, though I can manage everything, I still feel sort of stuck on that wheel. But changing it seems a task in itself. Last week, I was told about a new, web based site called Unstuck Life Courses. While I am not a huge ‘help guide’ kind of person, my interest was peeked when I acknowledged that years of my trying to do it on my own, to center my life, get organized and to take care of me was failing. If anything, things I tried made it more chaotic! So I sat down for several days, doing one quick ‘lesson’ a day and came out with the urge to see the next steps.

That Stuck in life feeling is frustrating. Get Unstuck Life Course can help. #Unstuck #ad

Unstuck Life Courses are easy to follow, motivating tools that help you organize your thoughts in meaningful ways. I used the course to understand better why, even with an intense exercise routine and professional nutritionist, I can’t seem to stick to a plan that helps me get fit and lose the weight I need to to be healthy for my children. The course showed me real life stories that I can relate too, gave me worksheets and short tasks that helped center me and my thinking and took me on a small journey to learn why it is so hard to become Unstuck from this situation.

Feeling stuck in life? Making a change is easier than you think! #Unstuck #ad

When I really took the 20 minutes or so to do the sections of the ‘Making a Change’ course, I realized that my bad eating habits started with my bad marriage and that as I heal from that, my body and mind become more of what I can focus on. I am not a bounce back from a huge disappointment like a failed marriage brings, so being able to sufficiently be able to master a diet plan, to listen to my bodies cues and to lose weight and become healthier overnight is just not possible. Like the healing, learning to take care of me is a process. To become Unstuck, I need to understand that change does not come overnight.

Read carefully and really use Unstuck Life Courses if you are stuck in life. #Unstuck #ad

I may have started this as a means to share this with others who might need it but have come to the realization that I need it too. When I was really honest, really participating and really focused on the short courses, I benefited greatly. My goal of getting my life in order and making my health a top priority does not seem so overwhelming now. I can always re-watch the courses to learn What’s Stopping Me and to revisit the system that will keep me going.

Interactive tools can help when you are stuck in life.

More Unstuck Life Course will be released as time goes on. But for the annual fee under $50, I see this platform a necessity for anyone who feels like that hamster wheel will never stop turning. Based on the Unstuck apps, which is free on iPad and won two Webby Awards and an Appy award, Life Courses is designed to help you focus on what you need to accomplish that goal that you feel stuck achieving.

My smile and my feeling of being stuck in life are subsiding. #Unstuck #ad

Do you need to save money? Is you house always a seemingly insurmountable mess? Do you need to get out of debt?  What ever you feel ‘stuck’ on, Unstuck Life Courses can help. Sign up today and start making the changes you want to make tomorrow!

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