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I cannot even begin to tell you how exited we are are to watch the new Disney film, FROZEN!  My daughter is princess crazed every day of the week; to say she is excited is actually quite an understatement, especially after purchasing these adorable characters!  We created an icy, wintery wonderland to celebrate the release of Disney’s FROZEN, the movie!  As the weather cools and winter approaches, A Day in Motherhood is beyond elated to share our party ideas with you to get you in the chilly mood for the release of FROZEN on November 27, 2013!

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbiasMy kitchen is filled with frigid sugary confections for a few very special little people in my life.  Gathering with family is my core value and I am taking the opportunity to pass along the love I have shared with my cousins, to their children in a FROZEN kind of way!   While we added a sprinkle of crystal sugar to their child-refined palates and a glimmer to their eyes, we skated the day away talking all things FROZEN! Add Walmart toys made this party simply exquisite!

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbias

Memories of spending the day with my cousins came pouring into my mind when I saw these three little faces shine as we passed around hugs to begin our FROZEN fun day!  Thinking of all the years past and the people that I could always depend on to bring roaring laughter and  an infectious smile to my own face; those people are my family!  Planning this FROZEN celebration had to be special; setting the stage to infuse the next generation with a life-long commitment to understanding values we hold so dear.  Walking through the aisles of Walmart for just the perfect ingredients for our frosty treats and FROZEN  fun toys made me smile with excitement!

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbias

Selecting the FROZEN fun party centerpiece, partying gifts and gift sets was an amazingly pleasing experience with so many choices in the Disney collection found in our local Walmart!  In fact, everything needed for our fantasy wonderland creation was so simple in this one-stop venture!  I knew that deep down, I was choosing items that would heighten my own lifelong fascination with Disney’s beautifully told stories in anticipation of the newest tale.  My daughter was absolutely thrilled gathering items to kick off the release of FROZEN this week!  Her overwhelming sense of togetherness was exemplified as she chose FROZEN party supplies after showing me what her cousins “would love.”

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbias

Some things just stand the test of time and capturing these childhood memories is the essence of how we contribute to our future.  We are exhilarated to spend a day with our family before we all run in to the theater to see FROZEN as a group.  Everyone at the party received a special FROZEN toy to enjoy and some of them are being save as Christmas gifts!  They are so adorable, Santa will surely be heading back to Walmart to complete the collection!

Setting a date night to watch Disney’s newest animation was fueled after enjoying some delectable FROZEN inspired treats that tickled the kid in everyone!  My daughter helped me prepare some tasty and FUN goodies for a real knock-out event!

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbiasWe knew that we wanted to turn our home into an arctic creature’s dream with a twist of sweetness!  Easily found within the Walmart party supplies we bought all things “icy” colored and headed to the foods for some quick and appealing concoctions.  The gelatin cups were easy to put together with blue gelatin (cooled in 9×13 pan & cubed), layered with whipped topping and a few sprinkles.  White chocolate covered pretzels drizzled with blue candy melts formed a delicious salty and sweet, “melt in your  mouth” goodie for both children and adults.  The cupcakes were made with strawberry cake mix, using package directions and topped with simple colored (strawberry flavored icing). Just a teaspoon of strawberry extract packs a punch full of sweet strawberry flavor.  Getting the beautiful blue swirl on the cupcakes is simple, just mix half of the white icing with blue coloring and alternate the colors in your piper.

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbiasThe icy blue, “snow” topped punch was a cinch.  I used blue Hawaiian Punch, citrus flavored soda and whipped topping. I made floating ice by freezing some of the Hawaiian Punch in round plastic containers of various sizes.  The punch was a hit and by day’s end, there was not a drop of it left!

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbias

The first time that I made cake push-pops, I was scared of messing them up; it turns out that they only look difficult, and are always a huge success! Bake your cakes in shallow pans (I remove the top “puffy” layer if is too thick in the center) to create even layers. I used cake, icing, sprinkles in alternating colors.

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbias

Sharing the smiles, laughter and fun FROZEN party ideas with family friends was time well spent as we all said our goodbyes until November 27th for our date night to see the new Disney FROZEN movie!  After creating such a fabulous little gathering, we are all excited to watch this movie together… creating more memories to last a lifetime!

Get your FROZEN Party Ideas with Merchandise from Walmart #FROZENFun #shop #cbias

Finding just the right gifts for Christmas this year will not be difficult for our daughter.  The large selection of Disney merchandise available at Walmart makes shopping for the holidays completely accommodating to our needs.  As of now, the FROZEN toys on Avery’s Christmas list have doubled since our party!  I appreciate knowing that I can buy great quality toys in my hometown; and even more, there are special memories attached to this movie that we will be seeing together this week!



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