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Diarrhea in Children: The Frustration and a Viable Option

DiaResQ is not intended for the relief of chronic diarrhea, nor for infants (children aged 12 months or less)

Diarrhea in Children: The Frustration and a Viable Option like Megan

For those who have followed me on social media, you know that one of my daughters is battling Encopresis, which is a type of bowel incontinence. She, literally, has a blockage where her intestines and bowel meet that is hampering her ability to relieve herself. She is under close medical supervision and on prescription medications, but it can still be very frustrating for her and for me, who has to watch her go through it.  Part of the side effects of the issue is either constipation or diarrhea. We moms know that diarrhea in children is frustrating. The solutions are not that great either. Trust me, I have tried them all. But when I was given information on DiaResQ®, my hope that I could help my daughter through that part of her side effect started to grow. I needed something that she would actually take that was also effective.

DiaResQ is a drug & antibiotic free food that is a made from safe, naturally-derived ingredients. It provides beneficial nutrients that support the body’s response to diarrhea. This vanilla flavored drink mix reaches the intestinal system and goes to work to provide soothing relief fast.

Diarrhea in Children: The Frustration and a Viable Option like DiaResQ

It is the first of its kind that can safely address her bouts of diarrhea head on.  Diarrhea is the body’s natural immune response to try and remove an invading microorganism, and some other products work by slowing that response (and trapping that organism in your body). DiaResQ is different – it works with your body to address the underlying issue fast.  The best part is that DiaResQ has been clinically demonstrated to resolve most cases of pediatric diarrhea on day 1 of use. We all know that getting our kids back on track quickly matters.

Diarrhea in children is no joke. When my middle daughter, Sarah, was 2, she suffered a serious bout of diarrhea that landed her at Texas Children’s Hospital with an experimental treatment needed to re-hydrate her. So I am on high alert when my kids tell me they have it. I don’t want it lasting very long or causing other issues. Spend the night in the hospital once with your child for it and you start to see how quickly it can become severe!

In fact, the average American child experiences 7-15 episodes of diarrhea by age five and, depending on the destination and season of travel, up to 70% of travelers will experience diarrhea.  Having a tool in your medicine cabinet that can help is important.

Diarrhea in Children: The Frustration and a Viable Option take DiaResQ

If I had DiaResQ at the time, things may have been different. DiaResQ is safe for adults and children as young as one year of age. There are no scary pills or tablets in sight! DiaResQ is a kid-friendly, vanilla flavored powder that comes in small, nonperishable packets and easily mixes with water. Simply add water, shake and drink!

DiaResQ is available at CVS and Amazon.  You can also visit learn more and keep your child happy and healthy!

Have you experienced diarrhea with your child?