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I am a lucky blogger who got on an airplane, landed in Hollywood, put on a pretty dress and walked the Red Carpet for the Delivery Man Premier with the likes of Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt. The El Capitan Theater was decked out in everything Delivery Man and walking into the historic place made it amazing! 

Delivery Man Red Carpet Premier #DeliveryManEvent

Opening November 22, 2013, the film Delivery Man was welcomes with open arms at the Red Carpet premier. The entire evening was as glamorous and amazing as you would think. From the flashing light bulbs that I pretended were for me to turning around and seeing the very charming Vince Vaughn sitting a few rows back, I was a star for a night… if only in my mind.

Delivery Man Red Carpet Premier #DeliveryManEvent

As we entered the Red Carpet area I took in the crowd across the street on Hollywood Boulevard hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars. We were treated to our tickets and our badges and shuffled along the backdrop into the theater. Though we were told to ‘hurry along’, I took my time and got a few shots of the stars on the carpet.

Delivery Man Red Carpet Premier #DeliveryManEvent

Once inside we settled in to one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while. It is not slapstick funny but life funny. Vince Vaughn is amazing in it and if you follow along all of my #DeliveryManEvent posts, you will learn more about him and this movie.

Delivery Man Red Carpet Premier #DeliveryManEvent

Two short hours later – or maybe even less – we stood, touched our achy cheeks from laughing and walked into the elegant lobby of the El Capitan Theater. Soon we were shuffled across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe where the stars would mingle with us little people and we would enjoy an awesome after party!

Delivery Man Red Carpet Premier #DeliveryManEvent

If you are not yet excited for this film to come out, you have a few weeks. But on November 22, when you and your family are preparing to give thanks, treat them to a family friendly comedy that will warm your heart from the inside out.


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