If this story is actually true, I don’t know how to react! MailOnline.com is reporting that Casey Anthony wants another baby. The mother who was acquitted of killing her 3 year old daughter and leaving her in a trash bag wants another baby. Apparently, she is meeting and talking to men who wrote he in jail to help her make that dream a reality.

Casey Anthony Wants Another Baby?

Photo from Radaronline.com

I have so many opinions about this that I can not type fast enough! Now, over the years stories have come out about her being pregnant or her parents wanting to adopt a child and none have come to fruition. But several outlets are reporting on this one so I have to wonder… is it true? And if it were, do I even have the right to judge her on it?

Children are blessings. Total blessings that should be cared for, nurtured, loved and protected. This woman, though cleared of any criminal charges, clearly made us all question her method of motherhood. So should she have another child, will we all be on pins and needles waiting for some tragedy to strike again?

In addition, why would anyone choose someone who wrote to them in jail to father their child? Would you not wait for a relationship with someone you love? Someone who can help you… not kill your child?

OK, that was a low blow but seriously, if a man is writing you in jail, doesn’t he seem a little ‘off’ and wouldn’t you run from him?

Apparently, and probably correctly, Casey Anthony has kept a very low profile since her acquittal. She has received death threats and probably does fear for her life. So getting out there and meeting a stable, honest man who really wants to have a family with her is probably difficult.

But I can’t make up my mind. On one hand, she is a free woman and can do what she wants with her body. On the other hand, it just seems so…. wrong. On so many levels.

What do you think? I am kind of lost on this one between ‘no woman accused of murdering her daughter should have more children!!’ and understanding the desire to have a child!

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