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The C-section flap can cause so many body image issues. But in reality, it is the most beautiful thing I have on my body. 

All along in all of my three pregnancies, I hoped for vaginal births. I prepared for the first one, planned it out, wrote a birth plan, the whole deal. But a 21-hour labor, a baby coming out sideways and a drop in heart rate for both of us led to an emergency Cesarean section. Though I wished for VBACs (vaginal birth after C-section) for the other two, further complications led to C-sections. Each time, the doctor went into the same scar to get my girls out. Now, I have a large scar across my midsection and the inevitable “C-section flap’ that accompanies it.  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE

My c-section flap is the most beautiful thing on my body #skexperts