Let’s get real for a second.  Coming off of week in which my oldest kiddo only had about four hours of school all week, {Snow Days}, I was hoping to grab some extra ZZzzzs.  My 50 pound pooch had other ideas as he jabbed my rib cage in attempt to push me over while attaining a few extra inches for himself in my king-sized bed.  Hello, dog! Just move to any other completely unpopulated territory on this bed!

These perfectly eye pleasing, mouth watering, scrumptious waffles… I think I was dreaming of them before my dog stabbed me with his outstretched talons!


As I grabbed my phone to check the time, skim over my emails and check my Facebook Page, I saw that I had a notification.  Well, here I was all impressed with myself that I made time to stay up late watching a movie, and a good one, my good friend peed right in my cheerios.  She tells me that the book is way better than the movie and she was actually quite disappointed in the movie.  *Sigh* Coffee….

Walking down the hallway was like walking into some space alien created laser beam.  No!!! More snow!  The beautifully crystallized looking flakes were streaming down like fake tears on a movie set.  Only these suckers were real, too real; and they were magnifying daylight by 150% (that’s my unscientific guesstimate).  Coffeeeeeee……

Perhaps a Simple Family Favorite?


My solace, and vice I suppose is coffee.  Chocolate-cherry flavored to be exact, from a local beanery to be more exact; and my thoughts continued to jump around my head.  Maybe I will use up those raspberries I have in my fridge and create a delightfully decadent breakfast dessert.  Hmmmmm, fluffy Belgian waffles… oooh, no, crepes… with homemade whipped cream! Ahhhhh, yes.  I can even post the recipe on the blog, take stunning photos and get to pinning them as I share with the world!

Another Fine Example of How I Imagined Our Morning Panning Out


As my coffee streamed in to my Brutus the Buckeye thermal tumbler, and the awkward brightness of the new blanket of snow fills my peripheral vision, I can here little feet scampering down my hallway.  It turns out that one wanted pastry filled cold, packaged and boxed instant gratification pop tart breakfast so she could quickly get back to SpongeBob and the other one wanted a sausage biscuit.


The day was not lost for being a supermom, I actually made canned biscuits and the sausage patty!  Yes, I even made the patty using my bare hands and put it in a pan until golden brown!

But in reality, not ever breakfast is made for pictures. Just like life. Some days are pretty and clean… some are pop tarts and a food marker with good intentions.

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