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Banana muffins are a favorite in this house. In fact, I’d have a hard time finding anyone I know that would not love a banana muffin with coffee, tea or just because! Below are two of the Best Banana Muffins Recipes that we found! Notice that they are so good that we don’t even need toppings of any sort!

Best Banana Muffins Recipes

I am a huge fan of searching the web for the highest rated recipes when I want to make something. But I always like to dress them up too, if I can. Some recipes themselves do not need any tampering. Like the Banana Muffins from AllRecipes.com. But just because I don’t mess with the ingredients does not mean that I can not make them special for someone else by adding something extra!

I love to hand out baked goods to my friends for any reason at all. But I know that if I love something, I want the recipe too! So, when I hand out treats I love, I attach the recipe to the bag! The simplest and most inexpensive way I have found to do this is to use regular plastic sandwich bags and adhesive labels!

Best Banana Muffins Recipes

How fun are these? They are perfect for that holiday bake sale, those last minute gifts to neighbors or as an addition to a baking basket for a good friend. These muffins always come out moist and delicious and since they have no nuts, you don’t have to worry as much about allergy issues.

Banana Muffins are perfect for baking and setting out for that quick snack, too.

Best Banana Muffins Recipes

Anyone in the family can walk by a festive holiday themed basket and pick one up and enjoy! Plus they are easy to throw together if you have some really ripe bananas!

Best Banana Muffin Recipes

Sometimes I ice Banana Muffins with cream cheese icing. You can also add nuts, dried cranberries or chocolate chips to the mix to spruce them up a bit more! Warm them up and add some creamy butter or honey butter for an even more delectable taste! The possibilities and variety are endless!

How do you like your Banana Muffins? Do you have a recipe you love? We would love to see it!

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