There were many, many wonderful things that we got to do on my recent trip to Orlando, Florida!  The other 19 bloggers and I that were there as part of the events surrounding the Premier of Chimpanzee kept saying, “Wow” with every adventure!  There was just something new to discover in Florida and a new way to do that at every turn!

Yes, I Held a Baby Gator!

Two of the most relaxing, scenic things we did was go on Boggie Creek Airboat Rides and a take a trip to Makinson Island! Before I even start typing about how beautiful, fun and amazing both of these experiences were, check out the slideshow below that encompasses both trips!

Yes, I know, I am spoiled rotten!  But I have to say, before this experience, I had not idea that Florida had so many unique and fun things to do!  Both of these natural adventures can be enjoyed by family with children of all ages!  This making them the perfect outing – even and educational one – for the whole family!

Our Guide Showed Us an Apple Snail Shell! Big, right?

Boggie Creek Airboat Rides offer a scenic trip into the Florida Everglades on a boat that glides over the water and takes you deep into Alligator land.  The best times to spot gators are in the mornings and in the evenings and we did get a good look at a mom who was resting in the water!  Once the alligator spotting was done, it was time to speed off and spin around to show how much fun an airboat ride can really be!  As the guide pointed out the eggs of the Apple Snail – they are a beautiful red and were attached to everything – and talked about the habits of gators, I had to pinch myself that I was lucky enough to get this wonderful opportunity to see something very special in Florida!

Just look at the beauty!

A few days later we set out on a boat ride to Makinson Island off Lake Toho (don’t make me spell out the whole native name)!  This 132-acre island offers approximately 3.5 miles of hiking trails and wildlife viewing. Accessible by boat only through Kissimmee Outdoor Adventures or Tom & Jerry’s Pro Guide Service. This… majestic… is the only way I can think to describe it… boat ride through the smooth waters of Florida appeases any person who appreciates the beauty of water and land.  And as you pass by coves with deep blue water and tall, green trees, you literally sit still and just drink it in.

Just drink in the beauty on the way to Makinson Island

We arrived at Makinson Island and headed out for our hike, which was really a leisurely stroll through well worn paths decorated with  native plants and trees.  And as we looked high up in the sky we saw – amazingly-  a baby Bald Eagle perched on a limb.  We stood – mesmerized by the true rarity of seeing a baby Bald Eagle and were in awe as he flew around, brown wings extended but stayed close to his nest.

A Butterfly on Makinson Island

We finally tore ourselves away and walked along hearing stories of boars who had cause such immense damage to the island and how hurricanes had wiped out so many trees.  We came upon a butterfly garden where tons of butterflies were fluttering and feeding and enjoying the sunny day.  Again, we were just flatfooted with the incredible nature that we were privileged enough to watch!

I truly enjoyed our time on Makinson Island and know that anyone would.  You can camp on the Island – please call to let them know –  (407-343-7173), hike all day, picnic and make a day or a few days out of it!

Me in one of the beautiful trees on Makinson Island

Next time you are headed to Orlando for your family vacation, take a day or two to enjoy a Boggie Creek Airboat Ride and take a trip to Makinson Island.  I bet you’ll agree with me that both adventures are not only worth it, but were beyond anything you could have imagined!

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