**I received some product in exchange for this unbiased conversation from NRG Home Services ansd their Best Home Warranty.** #NRG #Reliant #NRGPowersMe

In my lifetime I have purchased 3 homes. One was brand new and two were older. I am in my forever home now and have my home warranty with NRG Home Services. I just think I get more for my money and, after my experience having to replace my AC unit, I trust that they will actually honor the warranty as it states. Generally, when you buy a home, the seller comes up with the warranty. That is what happened in this home. The seller wanted to save a buck and I ended up with a warranty that barely covered anything. In fact, I had AC issues within months of moving in and they just put bandaids on the issue even though it was most likely a fire hazard. So my advice to you if you are buying a home? Try to arrange to choose the Best Home Warranty out there!

The Best Home Warranty can be

As I highlighted in my previous article about home warranties, NRG Home Services is competitively priced but offers more services with more guarantees that others.  I had a great experience with them when I had to get my new AC. They were fast, efficient, clean and their work is covered with a warranty. I like that and, though home warranties do not cover the entire cost of an equipment replacement, they worked with me to make sure I got a reliable unit at a price I could afford with the discounts I did get. What I saved on the unit could have covered 5 years of a warranty.

Find a home and ask for the Best Home Warranty available.

I don’t plan on moving again in my lifetime but if I did, I would definitely try to negotiate with the seller to make sure I had the best home warranty available to me. NRG Home Services offers so much more and had a strong reputation for quality. Just put in your offer that you would like to choose the warranty company that comes with the purchase of the house. You will feel better knowing you have someone who won’t just put a bandiad on it but will actually fix it the way it is supposed to be done!