**I received some product in exchange for this unbiased conversation from NRG Home Services on home warranties.** #NRG #Reliant #NRGPowersMe

For a little while now, I have told you about NRG Home Services and the home warranties they offer. As a home owner to a 33 year old house, I need all the help I can get maintaining it. My Home Warranty from NRG Home Services has already helped me replace my air conditioning and heating unit and to maintain my home. With the extra services they offer which surprised me to the instant customer service, I have been thrilled with the results. But the question comes up, are all home warranties the same? No, they are not. NRG Home Services Home Warranties are better than others and here is why!

NRG home warranties are better than the rest

Affordability and Extras

I have had home warranties before and the cost of an NRG Home Warranty is right in line with the others. However, NRG Home Services offers rewards, or extras, that the others do not. For instance, upgrades to cover my fridge and my washer and dryer. Most companies don’t cover the actual item, just the water supply and those components. Also, I have never seen a home warranty company that helps you pay for any code upgrades that your county might require! Those little extras matter!

Pre-Existing Conditions are Covered

I experienced this when I needed the new AC unit. It had been worked on many, many times and defiantly had preexisting repairs. NRG Home Services did not care and helped me get the unit I needed regardless of it’s history. Not all home warranty companies offer that!

The Price Never Changes

Houston Texasn fans love NRG home warranties

The price you pay the day you sign up for NRG Home Services is the price you pay every year from then on. That is pretty cool, actually. My old home warranty went up on price claiming they added new coverage, which they did not. Knowing exactly how much I will pay annually is a help to my budget. By the way, my home warranty is less than one dinner out per month. Super affordable!

Seasonal Check Ups

Even if you need nothing repaired in your home for the year, you still get the secure feeling that your home is being checked out for possible issues with the included Seasonal Check Ups from NRG Home Services. They come out before the summer, check out your air conditioner and anything else that needs looking at for the season. In the winter, they do the same. You can ward off massive break downs at the peak of the season with check ups that are really valuable.

My home is my biggest investment. It also can be a big money pit if something goes wrong. Having the partnership with NRG Home Services and their home warranties just makes me feel less alone in dealing with taking care of my home!