I want to be cooler.  I do.  But I fail…  miserably at times.  So I am glad Animal from The Muppets Movie is here to give me some advice! After this, I’ll be riding the cool roller coaster all the way to…  well, I’ll be on it at least!

ANIMAL’S FIVE RULES OF COOL: A guide to life from Drummer, Rock Icon, Force of Nature and Anger Management Graduate!

LIVE LOUD!!!! Anything worth doing is worth doing at high-decibel. Whether it’s playing drums, singing, expressing your opinion or simply wearing a really loud sports coat, this is a surefire way to make sure the world knows who you are, where you are and in which direction you’re headed. 

EAT NOW! There are those who believe it is important to “stay hungry” in life, to put off rewards and defer gratification. Animal is not one of those. He devours life—literally—which goes a long way towards explaining his mealtime nickname: the Appetite with Legs.

FRIENDS! Good friends watch your back, take care of you and always follow your beat. With his band mates in the Electric Mayhem, Animal has found kindred spirits. (Oh sure, sometimes they yank his chain, but that’s only to make sure he doesn’t miss the tour bus.)

ROMANCE! Animal is not much for subtlety when it comes to finding romance. His idea of flirtatious small talk usually consists of the phrase “WOMAN! WOMAN!” But it works…for him. As for you, may we suggest finding a slightly less assertive approach to finding love.

NICE BUNNY! Everyone needs a sense of security, a quiet space where they can find peace. For Animal, it’s time well spent with his bunny, whose name is “Nice Bunny.” For you, it can be anything from soaking in pond scum (Kermit) to wearing tapioca-filled tap shoes (Gonzo).  Wherever you find it, embrace your bliss. Just don’t squeeze too hard.

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Be sure to mark your calendar because The Muppets Movie hits theaters November 23, 2011!

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