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Stop everything you are doing right now and go to social media, share an act of kindness, no matter how small, and add the hashtags #FriendshipisMagic and #FrienditForward!

For each act shared using both hashtags, Hasbro will make a $1 donation to generationOn (up to $50,000) to keep the friend it forward movement going! To learn more about how My Little Pony is “friending it forward” to their fans, please click here or visit MyLittlePony.com.


OK, thank you for doing that!! It really means a LOT to me that kindness is spread throughout, especially on the internet, which can be a little harsh sometimes. Now, let’s talk more about this wonderful movement and how I am trying to teach my girls that kindness and paying it forward are just a part of life. I try to show by example and I think the message is starting to get across.

Share an Act of Kindness and Hasbro will donate $1 per share! #FriendshipisMagic ad #FrienditForward

Kindness can come in many different forms. You can take donations to various charities, you can pick up the check for someone else at lunch and you can even pay for someones coffee in the car behind you. I have tried over the years to teach my kids that something as simple as a small gift card can make someone’s day! I am even trying to teach my kids that something as simple as watching someone’s puppy so they can work out at the gym without worrying is a kind thing to do!

I do think that the girls and I are truly blessed. I also believe that giving back comes in different forms. So a few months ago, in an effort to selflessly clean out the house, and to give things I don’t use to people who might need them, I spent an entire day hosting a ‘freebie’ garage event. I put everything on the driveway – and there was a LOT – posted the pics on Facebook and told my neighbors, come and get it. No, it was not a donation to a charity, but many neighbors are aging or have aging parents that need things. One got an old washing machine that works great but was just replaced. Several got toys and things for grandkids that really didn’t have the budget to get them on their own.

So, to me, passing on things, even if it is just a hug and smile, that are valuable to other people is what true kindness is all about!

Share you Act of Kindness!  #FriendshipisMagic ad #FrienditForward

So I am honored to join with Hasbro to share the news about the International Day of Friendship, which is July 30. I hope ALL of you share on social media with BOTH hashtags so that they can donate the $50K in record time!

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