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5 Laundry Tips to Make the Chore More Bearable include great products that really work

Truth time. Laundry is the one chore in my house that I would gladly hand off to a laundry expert. I feel like I have 30 children instead of three as the clothes, sheets, blankets, shoes and more pile up.  I am, literally, never caught up with this chore. Add in the hair from my four dogs and even more laundry is produced. I realize it is my fault, to have this many wonderful souls living in my house with me, and if laundry is my only complaint, it is worth it. If I really look at it though, it is more than just the mundane chore of doing the laundry that bugs me. I can’t stand it when I do all the work and find that stains have not come out that I thought would or that my darks have faded or have fuzz bunnies on them after one wash. It really makes the chore even more frustrating, in my opinion, to see things I spent hard earned money on ruined quickly.

Using detergent that works for certain clothes is a tip!

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Stock up on Finish too for 5 Laundry Tips to Make the Chore More Bearable

For a while now I have tried to make laundry ‘easier’ in my house and, though many ideas fail, some really work and have helped me immensely. These 5 Laundry Tips to Make the Chore More Bearable actually work in my house and are especially motivating around spring cleaning time!

All detergents are not alike

It has taken me a little while to admit this but all detergents are not created equally. That awesome detergent that is perfect for the kids clothes, that keeps them soft and removes most stains was making my dark clothes fade. So, to save my clothes, and, ironically, more work and money later, I use Woolite High Efficiency Extra Dark Dual Formula on my darker loads and save my other detergent for the other ones. It is no more work to reach for the Woolite bottle, knowing that I won’t be discarding dark clothes faster, than it does to reach for any other.Woolite Dark protects your darker clothing making them last longer. 5 Laundry Tips to Make the Chore More Bearable

I can almost eliminate the frustration of working so hard to keep up with laundry and then having to toss things out before their time because of the effects of the washing process. I, like everyone else, love that new clothes feel. I love that I can keep my clothes feeling and looking more like new with Woolite High Efficiency Extra Dark Dual Formula.

Tame those underwear and socks

A three tier system tames my undie and socks for the kids and it is a 5 Laundry Tips to Make the Chore More Bearable

I have three daughters so this may be a little easier for me. But I stand by this easy family laundry taming tip to anyone who questions it. I used to be that mom that sorted and put away undies and socks in each child’s drawer. It was a PAIN. So I invested in a three tier drawer system that sits in my laundry room and now use that for all underwear, socks and miscellaneous items like hats and gloves. The kids can find their own clothing easily and all I have to do is toss and go. This is a major time saver!

Utilize the word MINE!

Personalized laundry baskets is a 5 Laundry Tips to Make the Chore More Bearable

You can probably imagine how many times a day I hear the word ‘mine’ in this house. I sometimes even feel like I hear it from the dogs! So, a while back, I turned that word into a laundry tip that still works today. I wrote about my Personalized Laundry Baskets years ago and it is the number one tip that saves me. I pile the kids clothes in the baskets and, because it is MINE, the kids know that it is their responsibility to make those clothes land nicely in their drawers.

Don’t Ruin Your Whole Day

For years and years I thought I had to have a ‘laundry’ day. I would get up in the morning and not go to bed at night until all of the laundry in the house was done. It ruined those days and made the chore unbearable. Last year I decided to start a load in the morning, move it to the dryer a few hours later and fold it throughout the day in 10 minutes increments. I set the alarm on my phone to remind me of the loads too. Then the kids can put it away when they get home from school. For the most part, this method has made laundry less of a time drain and more of just a ‘to-do’ on my daily list.

Stop procrastinating and letting it pile up. An important 5 Laundry Tips to Make the Chore More Bearable

Procrastination is the enemy

Raise your hand if you have waited until the kids are down to their last pair of shorts to finally sort and do the laundry! Been there. Many times. That procrastination morphed into the all day laundry days that I spoke of above. By procrastinating I created a mountain of work that seemed insurmountable. So make a schedule. Do load one of darks on Monday, towels on Tuesday, kids’ clothes on Wednesday, and so on. Take Sunday off so you are rewarded for your hard work. But a little at a time is a tip that I can give to take the pressure off.

No matter what you do, laundry is something we all do and something we all complain about.  By using these simple tips we can make laundry less of a chore overall. While you’re getting your laundry needs at Target, don’t forget to check out some great deals on Lysol, Finish, and Air Wick to help you with your cleaning! See the Cartwheel and promotional offers here!

What tips would you add to the list?