The other day the girls and I were at a play date with another family who has four little girls. Yes, seven little girls all ranging in age from 9 – 1 playing together harmoniously! As any busy mother does, she was multi-tasking with laundry. She would fold and then toss into a basket. I noticed that each basket has a daughter’s name on it and I thought that was brilliant! So, we stopped by Walmart on the way home from the play date and got three white baskets for under $4 each and my girls now have their own laundry baskets!

quick tips for laundry


I used a red Sharpie to draw the names on the baskets and when they are not in use, they stack easily on my washer! When I am folding, I simply add item to the basket. When the kids and I take their baskets to their rooms, we sort and put them away that way!

I also try to do a load or two a day. Towels and sheets Monday, my clothes Tuesday, each girl another day. I try to have one or two days with no laundry. It never works. But the important thing is I TRY!

Now, I have to figure out how to get their closet in shape. They all have dressers right now but I am thinking organizational cubes might be better. Then they can stack stuff instead of cramming stuff into drawers! Plus it opens up so much room for other things too! I’ll be sure to reveal the entire closet when I am done later this weekend!

How do you organize and keep up with your laundry and kids closets? I would love to hear your tips! I am always looking for better ideas that are easy to emulate and share with my readers! Leave your links to organizational posts below!

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