The movie, John Carter, opens nationwide March 9, 2012.   As a mom, I always wonder whether certain films will be OK for my kids once I get there!

Thanks to, you can now read 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About John Carter.  

Here is an excerpt below (shared with GeekDad’s permission):

By Tony Sims

I recently had the tremendous privilege to see an advanced screening of Disney’s John Carter. I know there have been many mixed signals in the media lately concerning this movie. I hope that the answers to these questions help our readers make a more informed decision for themselves.

 1. What’s it all about?

The author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, wrote the John Carter series of sci-fi/adventure stories about 100 years ago. Burroughs was also the author of Tarzan and many other stories. The main character, John Carter, is transported to the planet Mars. On Mars, he discovers he has superior physical abilities, such as the ability to leap 100 yards and unmatched physical strength. He eventually wins the respect of the local population of alien creatures know as the Tharks. He also becomes involved in assisting the human-like royalty of Mars against the uprising of a group who seeks to strip-mine the planet. If any of these concepts sound familiar – that is because much of our superhero fantasy and science-fiction over the past century has been created from ideas borrowed from Burroughs’ classics.

2. Will I like it?

Yes. If you are reading this site, most likely yes. If you like Star Wars or any other action sci-fi, then yes. You can really tell this movie was created with the passion that only a lifelong fan of this series could devote. Andrew Stanton, the writer/director, was actually working on this film’s screenplay while WALL-E was still in production (before a studio even signed on to do the project).

3. Will my kids like it?

If they are like you and you agree to the above, then yes. I plan on taking my 7-year-old son this weekend and I believe he will love it. It has something for everyone. Take your daughters to see this. It has amazing, strong female characters. In fact, many times they are the ones to fight the battles. Everyone will love Woola by the way – you’ll see.  Read the rest of the article now!

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