I am constantly searching the net in hopes of finding sites that not only have great deals, but offer incentives and cash back to my readers. I love cash back sites because you get rewarded simply for buying what you were going to buy anyway!

Well, now, you can get cash back on your purchases, your Friendz purchases and THEIR friends purchases!  Keep reading!

My money saving cells are all in a tither over zuuzs.com!  It is pretty standard.  Find the store you were going to shop anyway, like Overstock.com, for instance.  Choose that store on zuuzs.com.  Watch the screen pop up your cash back amount, in this case 15%, and shop and order as usual!

There is just one click to make and your on your way!  

PLUS, you get to shop with your friends online!  Yep – just invite your friends and you can see their streams and ideas right there on the site!  You can share deals, talk about savings and more right on zuuzs.com!  No more running around trying to message people something great!  It is right there for you to see!

So, how do you hook up with friends?  Just invite them!  Come join me in this fun and innovative  money saving adventure and, once you take the few minutes to sign up, you can invite your friends!

Now here is the COOL PART!!!  When someone in your Friendz Circle makes a purchase, YOU GET PAID a bonus for referring them to zuuzs.com!!  NO KIDDING!!  The bonus depends on the amount of purchase, of course, but still… a bonus is a bonus!  AND you can get a bonus when your friend’s friend that they invited makes a purchase too!

How cool is that?

So sign up now, come tell me Hi!, invite your friends and start saving, earning and having a blast!   And for my part, I will be sure to alert you when I see something amazing on zuuzs.com to tell you about!

OH, and sign up now and invite your friends and you will be entered into a drawing to WIN a Kindle Fire!  Contest ends November 15, 2011 so HURRY!

**I am a part of the blogger outreach program from zuuzs.com.  By posting my 100% own opinions and writings on this opinion, I am entered to win a cash prize or a Kindle Fire.  In no way am I compensated directly by zuuzs.com.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.**