Well the time has come to turn the 3rd bay of the garage into a REAL playroom for my kids! Not just a garage that we threw all of their toys in!

My husband has worked to make it really nice already.  He put in a window unit air conditioner, shelving and organizational items, and we moved some couches in for them to sit on.  He also put a chalkboard on the wall.

But it DESPERATELY needs some paint!

I went online to Glidden.com to do some serious research.  I usually use very boring, neutral colors and I really want to break away from my normal color palette.

I gathered up some names of some colors from the Glidden Brilliance Collection and headed to Walmart.  We easily found the Glidden Paints display!  My shopping buddy, Katie, oohed and aahed along with me at all of the pretty colors.  I loved the blues for my master bedroom and the soothing greens and whites for my office.  But I was on a mission.  I needed bright, cheerful, loud colors to turn that bay into a real, live playroom for my girls!

We rounded the corner and found the BEST THING EVER!!!  Glidden Brilliance Testers!

These things are SO COOL!  They are little mini bottles of all of the wonderful, rich, brilliant colors that Glidden offers!  But instead of paying $4.00 and buying the little test can at the paint store that you have to have a tool to open and a separate brush per color, these little plastic bottle with the brush included cost me $2.47 each and have a screw off top.

As a side note on the testers, if you go to GliddenTesters.com from 7/19 – 7/30, you will get a coupon for $2 OFF a tester!  You would get a bottle for less than .50 cents!

Simply brilliant.  Seriously.  Take it from a girl who has purchased and bought tester cans for my old house, which I custom painted myself, and this fixer upper, where we have already painted cabinets and 4 rooms!  These Glidden Testers knock those little cans off the shelf with ease of use and application!

Look – I did not have to clean a brush after painting each swatch.  That alone makes these little testers my new best friend!

Katie and I checked out the Top 10 colors that the Glidden Testers came in at my store and settled on three fun, vibrant ones!  We picked Amethyst Jewel, Orange Slice, and Warm Gold.  Never, in a million years would I think of painting a room in my house purple, orange and/ or yellow.  But a little color never hurt a playroom!

We strolled around the Glidden Paints section a little while longer.  I wished I’d had Glidden paint that goes on pink but dries white when I painted a small room in our old house where I missed corners and hard to reach spots.  The next day, I have to paint it again!  No fun!  I also took the idea guide and grabbed more color cards so I could start planning my next project(s) with the vast array of colors Glidden offers.

See our whole shop here and see the colors we chose!

Katie and I took our testers and color cards to match home and I unscrewed each cap and painted some squares.  And then I let the girls go wild.  All three of them painted wonderful art for all to see!  With the testers, it was a breeze for them!

Now, this is where you come in! 

YOU – my TRUSTED readers – are going to pick the color, or colors, of my playroom!

[polldaddy poll=5246900]YES!  I am handing you the design!

You have to choose at least one of the colors I did but you can choose two or all three!  On Friday,  I will pick either the one that is most popular (gets the most comments) or is the most fun and original and my husband and I will get to work!

You have to babysit.


Just kidding!

On the 29th, I will have my neighbors and friends over and do a BIG REVEAL of the winning or chosen color and/ or design!  I will then post again and video their reaction for you all to see!

How incredibly FUN is this?!?!?

So put on your color caps, think about how you would do a fun, exciting playroom and leave your ideas in my comments below!  And thank you for you help!

**This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Glidden Testers/Paint #collectivebias.  All writings and opinions are mine and can not be duplicated without prior permission.  See my Privacy Policy/ Disclaimer page for more information.**