Every once in a while there comes a voting contest that I actually think can be a good thing.  Though I never like to pit blogger against blogger, I am all about promoting women and their accomplishments and see the Yahoo! Women Who Shine contest more as a universal Thank You for all you do rather than an “I MUST win!”

Monica Villa

Not limited to just bloggers, it allows any woman to be recognized for her outstanding work both in the home and out.  If you are like me, you know tons of women who deserve a nomination!  But I have nominated one amazing woman who I think deserves the shout out this year!  And, hopefully, after reading about her, you’ll be motivated to VOTE FOR HER and help share her and her work to thousands!

I nominated and am now eagerly asking for votes for a woman who built a business from a blog that is beneficial to us all! Monica Villa created and maintains  It is a website geared towards helping you and me keep our children and family safer online!  In fact, with all of it’s helpful tips and information, the whole family can be safe and secure online – at least a lot more than we are without her amazing site!

The Online Mom

Take some time to check out and then take two seconds to vote for her as a Woman Who Shines in the Yahoo! contest!  If she gains the most votes, she could win $10,000!  Now, I know it is late in the game but every vote counts and since I know that most of my readers are amazing women themselves, taking a second to hit ‘Vote’ is a no brainer!

VOTE today for Monica and then come tell me you did and what woman SHINES in your life!

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