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I will be as blunt as possible. I hate calling the cable company. Hate it. I will actually pay more for months on end when I know there are other options just to prevent having to make that call. So, I will be honest, when I was asked to join a group of bloggers for an event with Xfinity, I was interested to see if I could get any answers from the top. So after securing a babysitter for my kids, which fell through at the last minute anyway, I headed to Xfinity with the plan to not only learn about the new and advanced products they offer, but to get some answers for all of us on the thinking and process of customer service from a cable company’s viewpoint.

“‘Within the next 2 years, excellent customer service will be our best product!’ Michael Bybee, Xfinity

Michael Bybee of Xfinity talks about making customer service their number 1 product in the next few years. #XfinityParents ad

The girls and I settled in with the expectation of being ‘sold’ on products and why we all need them and, instead, heard a company talk about how they know they need to do better and how they are taking real, visible steps to make it happen. They wanted to know our opinion of Comcast. When I had a moment to talk, I literally said, ‘I hate calling the cable company. The lack of concern for long term customers. The ‘promos’ that end after 6 months, jacking my bill up. All of it makes me hate calling the cable company’

Their answer? ‘We all hate calling the cable company and we want to eradicate that feeling.’

Talk to the remote and find shows using your favorite actor, the genre you want or based on the last show you watched! #Xfinityparents ad

Satisfied with my answer and promising to finally deal with my cable issues after the meeting while in store, I settled in and learned all about Xfinity. Truth be told, I was not spending more money that I already was on new services, but I was fascinated by the amazing advancements in TV, streaming, live streaming, internet speeds and home phone services, which we all think we don’t need anymore. I listened to the small details and asked the questions we all have. How much? For how long is the ‘promo period’? What’s the catch. It was not until later when I redid my plan that I understood that they really are trying to improve the customer service experience and to become more transparent.

I was introduced to the world of X1 – which is, by far, the most fun and advanced television service I have ever had –  Xfinity Home, which is the coolest and most innovative home security system I have ever seen and so much more. I was even convinced that I do need a home line, even if I have it advanced to my cell phone. Which, by the way, I can do at any time anywhere with the Xfinity app!

protect every part of your home, control your ac, garage and door locks and more with Xfinity Home! More affordable than you think! #XfinityParents ad

Xfinity X1

If you are a current Xfinity customer, you can upgrade to the X1 service free. Yes. I was surprised too. But you can take your old box and modem to your local store, or call the customer service number, and get the X1 DVR, along with the voice activated remote, and updated modem to your home. I am technically challenged and I installed both in less than a few minutes. With X1 comes the ability to record 4 shows at a time while watching 5, the cool voice activated remote, the live streaming, rewind, fast forward and ‘start this show from the beginning’ options and so much more. I have had it over a week in my home and I LOVE it!

I also learned that for those of us who still want a home phone, we can answer it, call from it and manage it from the Xfinity app. So, for a mom like me who likes to have that line for safety reasons, I can be anywhere and still get my home phone calls.

The Xfinity apps help you control your home from your phone. Can't find the remote? no big deal! Change the channels from the app! #XfinityParents ad

As you guys can imagine, I rely heavily on internet service to run my business and home. So having it down, or slow, for any reason is not OK. I have stayed with Comcast for years for the sole reason that my internet never has issues in my neighborhood, which is older and covered in trees. We have had power outages and such but regular, day to day use is reliable and fast. The only outage was when a car accident knocked down two cable poles. It took a day to repair the poles and we all got a bill credit for the day. But on 6 years, that has been the only real issue.

Each blogger at the event faced a different challenge with Comcast. By the time we left we understood that the challenges we faced were being taken care of! #XfinityParents ad

When you are a family running multiple devices, you need fast, reliable internet. Comcast delivers with faster and more reliable speeds that I bragged about long before this event.

The last thing I want to talk about is probably one we need more these days. All you have to do is watch the news to see how important it is to have a way to protect your family, your possessions and your sanity. I have a camera based security system at home that I love. But it is not monitored and I rely on my phone app to tell me if anything is wrong. With Xfinity home, I can pay a small monthly charge, compared to other security companies, and they will monitor it for me. Just having this system will help me, not only feel safer and more secure, but will also lead to a small reduction on my home insurance payments!

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I want the whole caboodle. The cameras everywhere, the app that tells me when a door is opened and more. So I included the Xfinity Home starter pack in my new Quad play plan that I arranges, painlessly, I might add, when I was in the Xfinity store.

I am most excited that adding Xfinity home did not up my rates at all! In fact, I pay less now than I did before for more services! #XfinityParents ad

So now, instead of having limited channels, no DVR, no live TV options like pause and rewind, no monitored security, I now have X1 for n additional charge, a home line that has app abilities making it feed to my cell phone, monitored home security AND even faster internet and I now pay $10 LESS a month than I was paying before. The kicker, I locked it in for TWO YEARS! That is almost unheard of in the TV business.

I am more that surprised and impressed with that Comcast and Xfinity is doing behind the scenes. For once, I feel like a really large company is finally listening to the end user and coming up with ways to make our lives easier and their services more reliable and affordable.

The girls made friends with Michael Bybee, Director of Regional Affairs, while at the #XfinityParents event. He knew how to show them the coolest shows for kids on demand, after all! #XfinityParents ad

Check out all that Xfinity has to offer now and call them, stop in a store or even chat with them live online to get the services you want with contracts and prices that you can afford!