Sometimes I think the trends that come out are OK. They promote a person’s individuality and allow us to explore. If we did not take chances, the image of ‘beauty’ in our culture would not change. In fact, years ago, tattoos were unacceptable, large butt’s were very out and there was a time that short hair on women was considered inappropriate.  These days we are much more accepting of a person’s right to do what they want. But… Would you dye your armpit hair?

Would you Dye Your Arm Hair?

Jenn Harris Article – LA Times

In a recent article in the LA Times, Jenn Harris brings up the same question. Is it considered beautiful to have armpit hair that is in vibrant shades of blue, red, green and more. We are not talking about dyeing the hair to match the color on your head – unless you have bright purple hair – so no ‘dye the grey’ out talk is being had. But actual colors meant to gain attention. Would you walk into a salon and dye your armpit hair?

I, personally, think this is just…. gross. But I also think hair under your arms at all is gross. Sure, women did not start shaving their armpits until about 1915 – so we are only looking at 100 years of shaven pits. But to me anyway, unshaven arm pits make a woman look less… womanly. Of course, decades before mine, women did not shave.

Now though, I would say I see more and more women with arm pit hair. I flinch, I won’t lie, but then I remind myself that I one time, my fuller lips were considered unsexy too. So I just move on, shaving happily because I like it that way.

But to color the pits in which you choose to grow your hair.. well… uhhhh.

I can’t do it. I can’t see it. I kinda hope this never catches on. While everyone has a right to shave, color, braid or bead their hair – no matter when it is – there are some parts of the body that are not pretty to bring attention to. I think the armpit is one. After all, unless you raise your arms, it is hidden. Maybe for a very good reason.

What do you think? Would you dye your armpit hair? What if your daughter wanted to?

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